Will I need an adjustable cheek rest


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Apr 30, 2010
Ive got a Savage 10fcp with a mcmillan A2 stock on order. It should be here in about a week. I'm putting a Burris Tac30 scope on it and I dont think I will have enough elevation with this scope to get me to 600-800 yards so I'm gonna put on a 20 moa base. With a 20 moa base and medium or high rings will I need an adjustable cheek rest to get my eye in line with the scope. Does anybody have this setup. Thanks Ryan

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Re: Will I need an adjustable cheek rest

Depends on you, your build and your cheekweld. I dont know if going with high rings would be the best idea, low or medium is better. I mount my optics as low as possible, but again, thats me, whatever works best for you.

You can place the scope on top of your action/base when you get it in the new stock. Next, stack something under the scope temporarily to find a good height for your optics, measure the height required and order the correct size rings.

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Sep 17, 2009
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Re: Will I need an adjustable cheek rest

stack pennies or other coins on the rail. i have a 10fcp, but its in an HS stock. with both my 0 moa and my 20 moa base and low rings each time, i still need a Karsten to get my preferred cheek weld. low rings would be a better choice.