Firearms  WTS: 4 day training course cert


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Dec 12, 2018
Selling my spot for a 4-Day course of your choosing at Front Site training just outside of Las Vegas. I just won't make it this year with a new kiddo and could use the funds to put towards some other gear.


Your choice of 4 day:
Defensive Pistol
Tactical Shotgun
Practical Carbine

Basically choose from any course you want, what you're buying is really a $2k credit on your account good for the above listed courses.

Course descriptions available from their website, I'll link believe. If you do want this, I'll get us both on the phone with their front office and they can confirm the process for me re-assigning this course certificate to you, basically you just need an account with them and they witratransfer the $2k credit to your account from mine, pick whatever course you want.

Selling for $1000. If ammo is a concern, they have access to bulk ammo for those taking their course, ammo prices are a bit closer to pre-pandemic prices through them.

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