Firearms WTS Mausingfield M5 Shorty in 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor - 0.2MOA with Factory Hornady ammo!!


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Sep 17, 2013
Greater Seattle Area, WA
Hello All,

Offering a Mausingfield M5 Shorty in 6.5 Creedmoor for sale or trade. Also comes with a Krieger 20" 6 Creedmore barrel.

This rifle is an absolute tack driver with the current 16" 6.5 Creedmore barrel. Have several targets showing 100 yard 5 shot groups at 0.2 moa using factory Hornady 140gr ELDM at a speedy 2525 fps (pics below). Action currently has ~1500 rounds on it, and the current barrel has 260 verified rounds.

I've handled or owned the following actions: Tikka, Bighorn, Surgeon, GAP-worked R700, Defiance, Ultimatum, Q Fix, Desert Tech, AI and more. The Mausingfield is stronger, slicker, and faster to run than any of the above. The additional support from the full-length extractor means the bolt can't bind. It is featured rich with interchangeable bolt heads and ability to run readily available, lower cost savage prefits. It is timed perfectly for TT triggers with absolutely no bump or cock on close.

This is the also original generation Mausingfield. Unlike the current generation: it is DLCed, has an integrated 20moa scope rail, and more.

Bonus. If you want a shouldered barrel, the following smiths can spin up a prefit as they all have this specific serial number action's measurements on file: Long Rifles Inc, Exodus Rifle, and W.A.R. Rifles.

-16" Criterion 6.5 Creedmore 1:7.5 RH twist, threaded 5/8-24
-Bighorn DLC 12-point Barrel Nut
-Mcmillan A10, all work done by the McMillan factory unless specified otherwise
-Machined in Alum. Pillars
-Spacer System w/ Decelerator Pad
-Molded-In Dark McWoody,
-MTU contour barrel channel
-Inlet specifically for the Mausingfield. The stock will work with any R700 footprint action with no or little modification
-Inlet for the APA bottom metal
-2 Left-side non-rotational flush cups
-Anodized Embedded Anschutz Rail
-KMW Logger Head ACP Hardware installed by Terry Cross at KMW
-American Precision Arms (APA) RTG R700 Bottom Metal
-Triggertech Primary Trigger

Rifle comes with:
-Extra 20" 6 Creedmore Barrel threaded 5/8-24. Originally spun up by Exodus Rifles in 6BR, had the barrel rechambered in 6 Creedmore by W.A.R. Rifles. Barrel has ~1250 rounds on it.
-Foundation front picatinny rail attaches to Anschutz Rail ($25 value)
-Foundation short RRS dovetail plate attached to Anschutz Rail ($60 value)
-One AICS magazine ($70)
-Bugholes Action Wrench for the Mausingfield ($90)
-Complete Spare Parts Kit for the M5 Mausingfield (not for sale separately):
-Extra Firing Pin
-Extra Firing Pin Spring
-Extra Bolt Stop and Pins
-Extra Trigger Pins
-Extra Bolt Shroud Pins/Springs

Trades (+/- cash):
Sig Cross
Factory Colt, Seekins, JP Rifles
CZ Shadow 2
Kelby's Prometheus or Nanook Action/Barreled Action
MDT HNT26 Folding, R700 SA, Black
PVS14 with 30+SNR Photonis WP Tube
Loaded Hornady 6mm Creedmore 108 ELDM
Factory 9mm Ammo

I am not interested in parting out at this time.

I am asking $2995 shipped and insured for the rifle, two barrels, and accessories. The pictured TBAC brake, suppressor, scope, rings, and bipod are not included. TBAC brake can be included for an additional +$100 to the purchaser of the rifle.

Accept Paypal (FF or +3% for G&S, no notes in the field) or USPS Money Order.

Please let me know if you have any questions or additional picture requests.


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