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  • Aug 15, 2011
    LNIB Seekine SP15 DMR in 6mm ARC, black with a 22in bbl. $1500 + shipping. USPS money order. Personal checks may be accepted with a waiting period, for long term members with good feedback. Pics will be uploaded later.

    Things I'd consider trading for. I'll listen to other offers but these are specifically the things I'd like to find. I'd chip in a little cash if we're close. The only exception is that I can't accept any handgun trades at the moment.:

    M1903A4 replica: $1500.
    Does not need to have a scope. Must have correct length barrel.​
    M1903A1 target rifle/national match: $1500
    Must have Unertl style blocks. Or a G&H side mount, on the off chance that somebody has one with that (not sporterized).​
    Winchester Super X2: $600
    No camo guns. 3in receiver only. No slug guns​
    FN SLP Competition Barrel: $400
    I don't want the whole gun but I'd like to find the barrel. Specifically the 24 inch vent rib version.​
    Bushnell XRS 4.5-30x : $800 (depending on finish) pending
    Gen 1 with a Horus reticle​
    XLR Tactical Lite buttstock: $200
    McMillan HTG: $600
    700SA M40/M24 inlet. Don't care what bottom metal. ADL Mag is fine.​
    Cadex Falcon bipod: 375
    ARC M-BRACE 34mm mount: 275
    Curtis Axiom Hybird Hunter short mag barreled action: $depends
    Doesn't need to have a trigger. Heavy barrel.​
    ARC Nucleus Gen. 2 barreled action .223: $depends
    Doesn't need to have a trigger. An action wrench would be nice. Doesn't have to be a .223 but it does need to have the correct bolt face.​
    Desert Tech SRSA2: $3-4k
    Do not care what caliber but, if you want to work out a package deal of this and my other stuff that gets us close in trade value, I'm all for it.​
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