Optics  Zero Compromise Optic 527 w/ MPTC 2 $sold


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  • Oct 21, 2013
    The Frozen Tundra
    Selling my ZCO 527 w/MPTC 2 $Sold

    Scope will come with ARC M10 1.1" tall rings, Tenebraex Covers and MKM bubble level as part of the package. Will not split since I would like to sell this as a package deal.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I tried a Spuhr 6001 on this scope and it sits too close to the erector housing causing some drag on the parallax. This is why I am selling it with the ARC rings. They do not seem to cause any issues unless you run them right up against the erector housing. I spoke with Jeff at ZCO and he recommended split rings rather than the Spuhr.


    If you do not want the rings $3100 shipped.

    zco pic.jpg
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