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Marksmanship vs Fieldcraft, where is the question

🄵🄸🄴🄻🄳🄲🅁🄰🄵🅃 I was perusing the depth of Facebook and came across the topic of Fieldcraft vs Marksmanship. To be upfront, this thread was on a private “Sniper” group. There were a few good responses. But I think it’s a topic worth its own thread. Now, this is going to seem like it’s geared just to …
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Finding your Speed Drop Factor

How long does it take to find our drop data for a target range?  If we need data quickly, most shooters are using some type of paper chart. This chart could be taped to the stock, on a data holder, or arm bar where with a quick glance we can read our data.  What if there is a faster way?  Welcome to the Speed Drop Factor.  Finding and using your Speed Drop Factor will allow you to memorize your drop data to a reasonable distance by remembering one number.