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MDT XRS Chassis: Chassis features with traditional stock geometry and feel

BigJimFish Reviews the MDT XRS Chassis system for Remington 700 SA, Savage SA, Tika SA, Howa 1500 SA, and Rem 783 SA pattern rifles. Chassis has a hybrid plastichassis construction with traditional stock geometry. Composition, design, fit, appearance, machining, adjust ability, and suitability for PRS completion are discussed.
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PurePrecision Crux Custom Rifle and Titanium action review

Shooting steel at 1000yds with the Mesa Precision Arms Crux Introduction Note: Since the time of this review, Mesa Precision Arms has changed it’s name to PurePrecision. This was done because of a trademark fight and didn’t have anything to do with the product or people involved in making that product. Though, they have added …