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I have a very unique take on your relationship with your rear bag and its relationship to your shooting.  What for some is a total afterthought, given very little consideration beyond what is trending in the marketplace or is being promoted heavily by this shooter or that.  My take comes from being in your space.  …

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The gun mph system is the fastest way to dope our rifle for wind. It is easy, intuitive, and very quick once we get the hang of it. It’s great for making an initial wind call and for reverse calculating what the actual wind speed is.

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I was thinking back to our conversation of Fieldcraft vs. Marksmanship. That conversation always bothers me, because of our use of the word “Fieldcraft.” I think as snipers we all know what we mean. Most of us are truly on the same wavelength. But something seems lost in translation. 

Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS3 6-36x56mm in Bobro mount on Vudoo V-22 with Proof Carbon Barrel in Grayboe Phoenix Stock
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BigJimFish reviews the new Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS3 6-36x56mm Rifle Scope with G.A. Precision G4P reticle.

Kestrel Wind Meter
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Over the years, we have learned to manage the wind much more efficiently. The model to dope the wind we use goes back in time; it’s revisiting the math instead of using arbitrary numbers or values. Shooting is the longest-running game of telephone, so information has been reduced to shortcuts or pared down, so it only works in limited situations. Returning to the original thinking, we can understand the wind quicker and more comprehensively. There is a plan; we have a method for educating the shooter.

Zeiss TRG 22
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🄵🄸🄴🄻🄳🄲🅁🄰🄵🅃 I was perusing the depth of Facebook and came across the topic of Fieldcraft vs Marksmanship. To be upfront, this thread was on a private “Sniper” group. There were a few good responses. But I think it’s a topic worth its own thread. Now, this is going to seem like it’s geared just to …

Zeiss with TRG 22
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How long does it take to find our drop data for a target range? If we need data quickly, most shooters are using some type of paper chart. This chart could be taped to the stock, on a data holder, or arm bar where with a quick glance we can read our data. What if there is a faster way? Welcome to the Speed Drop Factor. Finding and using your Speed Drop Factor will allow you to memorize your drop data to a reasonable distance by remembering one number.

Spotting targets at 600 yds using the Minox ZP5 5-25x56 with THLR reticle
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BigJimFish reviews the Minox ZP5 5-25×56 rifle scope and the THLR reticle.