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By now you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the new ZCO reticle called the MPCT3. This new reticle has many small details that may go unnoticed until the reticle is being used. Because we’ve talked to numerous shooters around the world who are curious about the MPCT3, we’ve noticed a trend that most of these shooters hadn’t realized some of the smaller details in the reticle. We’ll describe these details and explain the advantages of them.

Starting some fresh test loads with the RCBS MatchMaster dies and powder measure
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BigJimFish reviews the new RCBS MatchMaster powder measure and dies as well as provides some quantitative data on the effect of powder charge weight variation on down range vertical spread

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You’ve experienced performance panic, and it ruins the placement of many an arrow on a bow target, many a dart on a dart board, and they’ve even engineered a blue or yellow pill for you to take on that first date! Because you want to perform.

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Making a solid wood rifle stock from scratch – Nicholas Gebhardt This entire project merely started as an idea rolling through my mind in the summer of 2019.  I was enjoying a few days with some long-time friends of mine and as usual, my mind drifted toward rifle projects.  I wanted to do something completely different than …

Oven bake polymer clay grip build outs on four of my rifles
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BigJimFish discusses improving firing hand fit with grip build outs made from polymer oven bake clay.

Zero Compromise Optics
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All three systems work when used correctly. For individuals shooting on their own as part of their hobby, the system of adjustment is a minor consideration. However, when branching out to other areas of the sport such as competitions, communication becomes the bigger factor over the others.

Accuracy International AX Rifle
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It’s very hard to see and understand the role of the support hand when it comes to shooting your precision rifle in the Prone. It’s hidden by our body position and the subtle movements are masked by the attention put on the firing hand. We know, the firing hand has two tasks,

Marc Taylor Driving his AX308
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One of the greatest misunderstandings with respect to rifle marksmanship training over the years is the function of the remainder of the shooting hand that is not trigger finger.

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Sniper’s Hide is a gear queer’s wet dream. All we do is talk about the latest and greatest gear from the time I wake until we all go to sleep. It’s a constant barrage of pick my favorite color posts noon til night. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and it’s important to wade …