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A classroom full of eager students sits bright-eyed on Day One of Precision Rifle One. Theories and terms are bouncing off the walls. Some are innovative, cutting edge and some have been around since our Granddad took us on our first squirrel hunt. But they are all relevant. Especially those that have been pounded into us but we never took the time to fully understand, like “Parallax”. Got it. Heard it mentioned a thousand times and pretty sure I’ve got it figured out… but do you? We move to the range to do some scope tracking and half the class experiences parallax for the very first time. That is when the light truly comes on.

Vudoo V-22 with Proof Carbon Barrel, Atlas CAL Bipod, and Zero Compromise ZC420 in a Grayboe Phoenix stock looking pretty in the snow
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BigJimFish Review of Grayboe Phoenix composite rifle stock for precision Remington 700 pattern rifles. Grayboe makes a molded epoxy and fiberglass non-directional alternative to traditional hand lay up composite stocks and the Phoenix is their new, feature rich, ultralight, adjustable, model.

Marc Taylor
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By Ted Hoeger, @Jack Master Weaponized Math developed by Marc Taylor of Sniper’s Hide Training has changed the way we gather data for our rifles. Doping your rifle has never been so easy. Getting on the shooting line with just your rifle, ammunition, simple calculator and Weaponized Math Worksheet arranged by Frank Galli will put …

Shooting the Vudoo V-22 off of a wire spool.
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BigJimFish reviews the Vudoo Gun Works V-22 action. A rimfire action for the .22lr designed to fit a Remington 700 footprint and to take those triggers. He also examines the quality of design, workmanship, and performance coming out of the Vudoo shop with data from 7 different Vudoo rifles.


By Ted Hoeger “@Jack Master” Gone are the days of doing long mental math on the shooting line or in the field.  Ballistic calculators have advanced shooting to a new level that make things easy on the brain. The only downfall to a ballistic computer is being able to adjust to changing wind direction and speed …

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In the Field Scope Tracking Test  As many shooters have read in the Sniper’s Hide Forum, or have heard on the Everyday Sniper Podcast, during our precision rifle classes we removed and test scopes for tracking.   The genesis behind this was twofold, first, we used to only accomplish this in our PR 2 class, and second, …

Proof Barreled Mesa Precision Arms Rifle in the snow.
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BigJimFish reviews carbon fiber barrels from Proof Research discussing their cooling, harmonics, aesthetics, and performance

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Understanding what your Ballistic Program is doing. We all have our favorite ballistic program we prefer to run.  Whether it’s on our phone, watch, Kestrel or other dedicated device, the program is with us every time we are shooting.  Each range trip we get the device out, update the environment, input our target distance, dial our scope, …