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Insights from NRL Hunter: 

The primary issue for many was target acquisition speed in both locating targets as well as re locating in riflesope. Despite self-assessments suggesting proficiency, over half of the competitors struggled significantly in this skill alone, either failing to locate targets or re-engage them after initial contact. This widespread challenge underscores the need for focused practice on quickly locating and engaging targets using both binoculars and riflescopes.
Long Range ShootingMarksmanshipPrecision Rifles

The Kraft Challenge: Enhancing Shooter Marksmanship through Structured Assessment

Armed with detailed performance insights, shooters can develop a focused training regimen based on their specific needs. By consistently tracking progress and adjusting training strategies, a shooter can measure tangible improvements in their marksmanship, reflecting in increased hit percentages across various shooting scenarios.
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Field Shooting Skills & Equipment

The field demands a multifaceted skill set that combines adaptable precision, equipment proficiency, and strategic decision-making. Lets outline and highlight some critical components of marksmanship skills for field application. The following list was developed considering skillsets, field conditions, and the mastery of equipment necessary for success so that you might target strengths, weaknesses, and help develop ways to expand your own field toolkit.