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JP Enterprises LRP-07

Shooting semi-auto precision rifle is a closet passion of mine. Mainly because the large frame semi-auto rifles are so shooter dependent, you have to nail the fundamentals of marksmanship to be consistent.  Technology is changing; no longer do we look down on the semi-auto platform as being inferior. You can build a sub MOA platform, and by that, I don’t mean one that shoots just under an inch, but instead, rifles that shoot sub 1/2 Inch groups.

The JP Enterprises LRP-07 is one such rifle. From the outside the fit and finish on the LRP-07 are outstanding. Regarding specs, this example of a semi-auto precision rifle features the best JP has to offer:

22″ Cryogenic Super Match Barrel chambered in 6.5CM
LMOS or Low Mass Operating System with Silent Capture Spring.
Machined Billet 7075-T6 upper and lower
JP Adjustable Gas Block
MKIII Handguard

It all goes into the mix with this platform. From accuracy to fit & finish the LRP-07 checks all the boxes.

Shooting the LRP-07

The most accurate test of any rifle is on the range. Instead of just shooting a few test groups at 100 yards, we drove it out to distance. Shooting the LRP-07 from 100 to 1500 yards here in Colorado.

The videos are all posted on YouTube, spoiler alert, this rifle hammers.

Included with the rifle was a note to attempt the JP Challenge. That consists of hitting a target three times before the sound of the first impact returns to the shooters. It’s that one area where the accuracy of a bolt action rifle cannot compete with the speed and efficiency of a well-built semi-automatic platform.

So we took the JP at 1125 yards.

Beforehand, I tried several different loads. As many knows, I shoot a ton of Prime Ammunition. But that does not mean I am not testing other brands or loads. You want a load that is tuned to the rifle, and I don’t just default to one specific brand when testing. I try a combination of ammo. In the case of the LRP-07, Prime was the least accurate out of the box. Shooting about 3/4″ groups at 100 yards, it was just okay. Both Hornady 143gr ELD ammo and Desert Tech 140gr 6.5CM shot better out of this rifle. But at a distance, I can make the Prime Ammo sing, it held it’s 100-yard accuracy, so it’s something I can make work.

The first attempt out of the gate with Cain Luna from SRS, LLC spotting for me I nailed the Challenge. We have it all on video the only issue was the Go Pro sound was not working. But the results, a thing of beauty.

Fired the first round to confirm the wind, and then immediately let three fly. Center hit, just left of center, and then low right. 1, 2, 3, smack.

With a Time of Flight around 1.6 Seconds, that means you have to about 3 seconds of space to work inside. My 3 hits on steel were accomplished in 2.6 Seconds, impressively smooth shooting rifle.

The Second JP Challenge

With winter quickly approaching and my travel schedule not slowing down, it was time to send the rifle back to JP Enterprises. But not before I take it out one last time.

I wanted to try the JP Challenge again, this time at a closer target. A full-sized IPSC at 1125 is no joke to hit, but working the Challenge at 800 is going to be tough.

The plan was to start with a few practice runs before trying it. I always film my practice attempts, what happens a lot, I will give something a go, and my first try is my best results. So press record on the camera.

Both attempts were solid. The first which is at the beginning of the video was right on the edge of success. You have to be quick to catch on the first impact as the sound at the shooter is just behind the last shot. I hesitated the last hit trying to stay on the plate. The second attempt was money. Beat the sound by a wide margin.

Groups on Steel

So I film the JP Challenge at 800 yards, go down range and see a couple of groups on steel. The confirmation shots, and the speed hits. I get home to edit the footage and noticed the first group shot was sub 1/2 MOA. Talk about impressive. The second group was just over a minute, but it was shot pretty darn fast. All hits, just a bit larger than 1 MOA.

The LRP-07 maintains it’s accuracy. When taking it out to distance, we used our XMETAL Targets, plate rack at 500 yards. The target is a pistol rack inverted for gravity resetting. Impressive precision rifle training rack because you don’t have to pull a cable to reset. Instead hit the 7th plate and the plates reset.


The video says this so much better than I can, the JP Enterprises LRP-07 is an easy bet. You will never lose your accuracy or your money investing in one of these rifles. It is a real semi-automatic precision rifle. You don’t have to search to find people singing the praises of JP Rifles; they are everywhere on the internet.

I am not a comparison guy; I do not like picking favorites out of a group of favorites. If I didn’t have to present my opinion to the members of the Sniper’s Hide community, I would probably just put them all on the same #1 line in my head. But people demand choices, they love Top 10 Lists, and because of that, I am going to go out on a limb here. I am going to commit my Top 5 Precision Semi Auto Rifle list to paper.

1. GA Precision GAP 10 – it started it all and my first .25 MOA Shooting Semi-Auto. Fun Fact GA Precision had a Soldier shoot an early GAP-10 around 2004 at the International Sniper Competition and won it. Reconcile the date of that achievement compared to the competition.

2. JP Enterprises, while this is my first review, it is not my first outing with this platform. They dominate the accuracy discussions for a reason.

3. Wilson Combat, genuinely outstanding semi-automatic precision rifles. Excellent accuracy, and stylish fit & finish

4. POF – Yes, I love POF Rifles. I personally own 4 of them, and everyone shoots 3/8″ or better with factory ammo. Yes, a Sub 1/2 MOA piston driver.

5. Sig Sauer 716G2 DMR – I have seen outstanding shooting rifles from this platform.