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Firearms WTS Accuracy International AXSA Elite Sand 6.5 Creedmoor

I would like to sell 2 of 3 Accuracy International rifles I own. I only shoot 1 and its to much $$$ to have wrapped up in rifles I don't get to enjoy.

This rifle is the AX Short Action with the following upgrades:
1. Really Right Stuff BAX15: Auxiliary Plate
2. Sawtooth R-Lock/Arca Dovetail Rail
3. AO/Vision AI Grip Panels with an ergo girp
4. Sweet American Flag Sticker :)
5. Pelican Protector 1720 Long Case
6. Area 419 Helfire Brake


I purchased the rifle new for $7,500 from Eurooptics and the upgrades above were just under $1k.

I would like to get $7,000 shipped for the rifle.

The rifle has 700 rounds on it of 140 grn bergers. I zero'd and practiced with the rifle and then used it for the K&M Precision 4 Day Comprehensive Rifle Course. The rifle performed amazing but for PRS syle shooting I prefer the AI AT-X. Realistically, i have more gear than time so trying to get things under control.

Any questions or an offer let me know.


Any mountain bikers out there 2.0

I hope the gravel roads are bike friendly where I'm moving. I am looking forward to some long days out on them exploring my new home.

I took the MTB out last weekend and did the Battenkill Grand Fondo. I didn't push too much, just a decent pace. I road it with a good friend who hasn't been able to train much this year due to work. So I told him I would ride the MTB and he could try and hang on his road bike.

I ran my Epic Evo with 2.35 Fast Track tires at 18 & 20 psi and the suspension set up normally. I did lock out the shock and fork occasionally on the steep climbs but other than that I wanted to see what it could do.

I definitely could have cut quite a bit of time if I was giving it, but I executed my nutrition plan (110-120 grams of carbs per hour) and felt great the whole ride. Here's the specs of the ride:

View attachment 8423822

And here is the bike, I got serval comments riding it at a road Grand Fondo...
View attachment 8423824
Damn that is a reminder of how out of shape I am. Lol. I rode my enduro bike on a 30 mile gravel ride last year, it was pretty entertaining, I was about 90% of the group pace on it.