Optics "Liberty Optics and Snipers Hide, Always a Great Match"

We are honoring the Vortex 50% off MSRP pricing for Mil/LE until the end of May. Send me something proving your status to [email protected], along with the product(s) desired. Billing will be by invoice only.

I am getting ready to board a plane for a flight back to Florida for a funeral/celebration, so I won't have much in the way of comms until tomorrow.



More shootings

Did anyone else notice the lack of ambulances at the scene?

I mean, supposedly 10 dead and others shot and lots of cops and no EMTs? Maybe you don't need EMTs when people are shot in the head at point blank range with a rifle and they don't even bleed?

What's up wit dat?
There's a video on leaked reality that shows the shooter being arrested by police and you can see the Fire trucks in the back ground, and hear EMT's on their way. The first woman who was shot they didn't even touch, she was DRT, guy behind the car outside they're working on.


Rifle Scopes Gen 3 razor turret

If they had one vortex hater on the design team, the scope woulda been amazing.

Instead, they had a bunch of guys how only said, "This is awesome, Ground Breaking, Gamechanga!"

And.... they were all wrong.
I’ve said it elsewhere but i don’t think field testers actually test beyond looking through the glass and shooting matches. They aren’t going to fiddle fuck with the turrets like a consumer would. I know jack shit about manufacturing but I have a feeling that “preproduction” tends to be what production would be anyway so no changes are made even with feedback.

Precision Rifle Gear RRS 22i…

We have them on order, you can sign-up for notification when we get them here, however ours includes the Anvil 30 head so the price is a bit different. If you want it without the Anvil 30 head, you can order direct from RRS...