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It's time I get into 22... Rifle suggestions por favor

Don't buy anything yet. Go to a few matches (there is usually a loaner rifle), see what everyone is shooting, try a few different rifles (most will let you at least sit behind their gun). Decide what you want to buy after you learn what you like.

Don't forget that there are probably some used rifles that you can get from some of the shooters at a reduced price.

Edited: Changed loaned rifle to loaner rifle)

I'd love to. the nearest from me is in Tampa or Daytona Beach, both of which are over 2 hours.

Now I'm sure it's worth the drive, but I would hate to go there and ask if someone would lend me a rifle.

I guess I could take my AR7 and show them what's up :D

I'm thinking get a Savage Mk II... show my wife how fun it can be, then tell her that's now hers and I'm getting myself another one. LOL

I do want to get my daughter into shooting as well. I had her try the AR7, but it's too bulky for her (one is almost 8 and other is 6.. younger one is more like me and into cars and guns. older one doesn't really care lol) Might get them one of those Rascals in yellow and put some pokemon stickers on it lol

Whats the most powerful round I can put in an AR-10 build?

I am phishing for information based on these designs.

WW2 and beyond, (Ludwig Vorgrimler) thought
7.92x40 was a great idea. High B.C. and low grain bullets. The Americans obviously trumped this idea in favor of 7.62x51.

If you apply this concept to modern loadings, you get really great ballistics, albeit at the slight sacrifice of sectional density.

You get insane drop charts and velocities that make 6.5 Creedmore look obsolete by comparison.

Badland Precision is into this concept.

Blackwater was into this concept with high psi casings. Hard to find specs with them.

Not many bullet manufacturers out there doing this. I have been scouring the internet and there is very little to go off of.

Again. Not a radical idea, but the results can be amazing. In theory.
Come on man...

You're phishing for info...?

No, you're posting worthless, and borderline dangerous info in this thread.

Badlands is doing something that is feasible with their bullets...The same as Lehigh and Cutting Edge

you're posting that a .338 130 grain bullet can have same BC and bullet profile as a .338 250 Berger? What's the SD of this bullet?
An ant's fart would blow that bullet a "mile" off target at 200 yards

One thing i have to say...it's been seriously entertaining reading your posts.

Let's get this thread back on track...please

Rifle Scopes Steiner M7Xi 4-28x56

I tightened down with the long side of the provided Steiner Allen key, I then went back and used the short end to tighten down more so I had more leverage. I tightened snug but not to where I felt backing them out would be difficult or cause striping. Cognizant of the fact that the inside is made of mailable metal. I’d say a 20 degree change from when threads begin to get tight/makes contact with brass.
If you use the longer side of the provided wrench to get finger tight, its always been about perfect in my experience.

It's time I get into 22... Rifle suggestions por favor

Savage has been accurate, just have to put up with their extraction and magazine issues. Haven’t seen a savage at a 22 match in a couple years. I remember them being pretty accurate, but also the most problem prone of any manufacturer. Extractor issues on at least three different rigs, and magazines that would dump half their rounds all over the ground if you didn’t handle them gently.

Kind of heartbreaking watching a guy shoot an almost perfect string of fire and then have a case that won’t extract and time out, saw that multiple times. Seen it on other brands too, but mostly savage from my experience. Surprisingly, the next biggest extraction/ejection failure prone 22 brand I have observed is Anschutz, followed by the Ruger American.

Everyone in my area either migrated to CZ or Tikka on the low end, or 10/22’s. If going the CZ route definitely get a heavy barrel model as they usually shoot well. Their thin profile barrels have been pretty hit or miss on accuracy.

Nashville school shooting

Not to diminish the rest but of your post, but this part is easy to accomplish. Courthouses are a place of high emotion and life-altering decisions; yet there are almost never mass shootings at them. If a courthouse can be made secure, a school sure as Hell can.

technically this is true and i dont think you are wrong, but whats the ratio of courthouses to schools in any metro area? 1 courthouse to 150 schools?

its a scale issue and its also an issue that many parents (right or wrong) dont want their kids to go to school in a prison. dont shoot the messenger.
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Rifle Scopes Zero Comp Return2Zero- Disengage

So i have a couple 420 scope and maybe i havent bothered to set the zero stop on my first one, but i did on the latest one i procured.

i set the zero, but its not actually at the "stop". and i am thinking i didnt do it correctly but disengaging it first? seems odd though. right now, it is zeroed and the turret reads zero, but i can go another turn clockwise until it hits zero and then will go an extra mil lower. WTF? i guess i didnt do this step first. Does everyone do this first? From the manual:

Disengage the Return2Zero
To obtain full elevation travel for re-zeroing to a different
weapon system, follow these procedures:
1. Unlock the turret and turn in the up direction until it
2. Loosen the turret set screws then spin the turret up
again (turret will NOT click) until it stops. Tighten the set
3. Now turn the turret downward (turret WILL click) until it
4. Loosen the set screws then spin the turret down
again until it stops (turret will NOT click). Tighten the set
5. You now have full elevation travel of the system.
Conduct bore sighting and zeroing procedures for the new
weapon system.


Thanks for the invite but with the recent spate of gunlaws the Pacific NW is off my list.

I live inside city limits Laramie WY so I think code enforcement might have rules against that. Otherwise I could give a rat’s behind.
Not too many gun laws in Montana... I left the PNW (Washington County, OR) about 7 years ago. These folks here might be offended being called part of the PNW.

KAC suppressed M24

Hello I have the Knights Armament M24 scope mount that's in the picture of Jimmy Hall its a pretty solid scope mount and the rings are numbered there is 2 rings inside the cover and it takes time to get the scope mounted into the scope mount. I bought the scope mount 8 or 9 years ago and the scope base is made for that mount ,geoff3


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