Is something going on in Ukraine?

Noticed somethin kinda odd. All the US and NATO planes along the Russian borders and for the most part in Europe stopped transmitting info on ADSB (Push the U button on the map display, which removes all general traffic and shows only .mil or "unusual" traffic)

Looking back in the states, a Navy E6 TACAMO just left Patuxent and headed inland:

Should be a slow traffic time anyway, but the past weeks / months we or another NATO ally have drones or rivet joints running a regular route around the black sea just to let Ivan know we're watching. Also there's always lots of .mil traffic here and there in Europe. Right now it's tumbleweeds.

Japan and AUS are also mighty empty.

Nobody would pull any shenanigans on Christmas Eve, would they?

Links w/o auto embed

Callsign MOLD37

Last seen heading W over Arkansas.

globe.adsbexchange com/?icao=ae040d

The E6 is one of the Navy's "uh-oh" planes
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Barrel Suggestions for AR-15 Build

Good morning everyone,

I'm looking for a little advice. I'm after a complete 16" mid-length gas barrel in .223 Wylde for my current AR build. I also prefer the Front sight base for that old school look. The purpose of the build will be for duty/home defense. I was checking out White Oak but they don't offer the FSB. Suggestions on companies you prefer who would offer that set up?

Thanks in advance!

Tactical VS Hunting Scopes

I'm a former Marine and was once an avid whitetail hunter and IPSC tactical competitor (in a previous lifetime) and this question is haunting me because in decades of hunting seeing everything from rifles bungee corded to 4-wheelers to horses rolling over rifles in leather scabbards other than a couple low line bushnell/simmons level scopes losing their nitrogen and fogging?...It simply hasn't been my experience that quality hunting scopes have proven themselves any less durable in the hands of a responsible rifleman than any of the heavy duty tactical stuff.

Now it could be happenstance, fate or a lack of tactical comp experience on my part but can anyone give me some examples or sound reasoning of why I should mount up a heavy tactical scope over a good quality hunting scope?

Change my mind if you can please.

Firearms Masterpiece Arms 6mm Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle MPA

Caliber – 6mm Creedmoor (Throated for Hornady 108 ELD)
Action – Curtis Custom Vector (Upgraded)
Barrel – Spencer/MPA Hand Lapped Barrel
Action/Bolt Design – Remington 700 Type
Chassis – MPA BA Aluminum Chassis
Muzzle Brake – Area 419 Hellfire Self Timing Muzzle Brake
Trigger Tech Trigger
User Locate-able Barricade stop system compatible (rotating barricade stop included)
Magazine – AICS or AW Mag Compatible.
Built In Bubble Level
Thumb Notch
Enhanced Vertical Pistol Grip


The rifle has a few upgrades from the stock MPA rifle. The action has been upgraded to a Vector allowing for barrel swaps. It is also using a Area 419 Hellfire brake.

I have ammo that I can include with the rifle that was worked up for this rifle. There are about 200 rounds and the buyer can purchase it too if they want. I also have two additional barrels that I can sell with it (Carbon Fiber 6.5mm Creedmoor and 6BR).


  • MPA_Action.jpg
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  • MPA_Barrel.jpg
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NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

Introducing the RimX action from Zermatt Arms.

- Remington 700 Footprint
- Integral Recoil Lug
- Nitrided, chromoly reciever
- Nitrided bolt body
- DLC Coated Bolt Head
- Non-protruding, fixed extractor
- 6 o'clock firing pin
- Tool-less bolt disassembly
- Interchangeable bolt heads
- 22 LR / 17 Mach 2
- 17 HMR
- 17 WSM
- 7075 Aluminum 10 round magazine (anodized)
- Pre-fit, shouldered barrels available
- $1150 / ea. Includes (1) magazine

Check out the website for more information regarding the product!


  • RimX-5.jpg
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  • RimX-21.jpg
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Bighorn Origin Build Thread

Post your Bighorn Origin builds here.

Mine is another masterpiece by Jon Beanland.

Bighorn Origin
#3 Bartlein 5R chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor finished at 24”
McMillan Adjustable Game Scout in Desert Carbon Ambush
Triggertech Diamond
APA Bottom Metal
Bighorn 20 MOA rail
SWFA rings
Bushnell 3-12 LRTSi
Flush cups on left side.

Load development was easy. Wind was unusually calm so I decided to do it at 500. Not picky at all. Biggest group of the day was the 130gr Berger AR Hybrids at .632 MOA. Best was 42gr H4350 behind the Berger 140gr Elite Hunter. That went .498 MOA. Five 5-shot groups with 5 different loads averaged .555 MOA at 500 yards. Taking this one for Caribou in a couple of weeks.



I picked the best charge from my 500 yard load development and put 5 rounds on paper at 100 today to make sure I had a good zero. Wind was gusting hard and bench was really wobbly or it would have been better. Made a .1 adjustment and reset the zero indicator. Battery ran out on my chronograph so I made a guess on velocity and took it to 820 to use the velocity truing function on Ballistic AE. Group was 4.5” low at 820 so I put that in Ballistic AE and it determined true velocity was 2790. Fired one more group at 820 using 2790 velocity and it was centered on aiming point. I think we’re ready for Caribou.



Optics Zero Compromise Optic scopes in stock with new options!

05/18/22: What's in stock and on the way below:
Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 4-20x50 MPCT2 $3,740.00 in stock!
Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 4-20x50 MPCT3 NLE $3,890.00 in stock!

Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT1 $3,980.00 in stock!
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT2 $3,980.00 in stock!
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT2 NLE $4,130.00on the way!!
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MPCT3X $3,980.00 in stock!

New options in stock!
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 M2 FDE $4,230.00
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 M3X FDE $4,230.00
Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 Tremor 5 $4,455.00

Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 5-27x56 MOA $3,980.00 PM or call for back order

Zero Compromise Optic ZC840 8-40x56 $4,150.00-$4,625.00 Pre-Order, starting to ship!!
Pre-Order here:

ZC840 CST 051322.jpg



ZCO FDE ZC527.jpg

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Stock Market

Im feeling optimistic.

My thoughts are that the market has needed a correction.

Id rather see a correction related to unrelated fears rather than to some sort of actual economic issue.

Granted fears of Corona virus are creating actual market problems in supply chains and purchase orders but Im thinking once Corona virus is revealed as a nothing burger shit is going to spin up very fast.

Co workers laments about his 401K got me thinking about this.

Who cares?

Unless people start dropping dead in the streets or if he decides to retire tomorrow nothing to see and good opportunities

Suppressor advice

I am looking to get a suppressor for a 5.56 new rifle. I am leaning towards the BCM Recce 11.5" with M-Lok (unless you can point me in a different direction on rifles). I plan to buy a "pistol" and once I have it do the Form 1 and turn it into a SBR while I am waiting for the suppressor paperwork. I would like a suppressor for this new rifle and would like thoughts on best overall performance when budget is around $1k.

I have a KAC SR-15 16" rifle currently and I am not sure I want a suppressor on a 16" barrel, so the suppressor would likely be dedicated to the new rifle, but I like keeping options open

Thunder Beast, help me chose

A friend is offering me a certificate for half off a TBAC suppressor since he (for some unknown reason) isn't interested in getting into the NFA world. I'm not super knowledgable on their lineup so I could use some recommendations. I'm thinking I want to stick to a rifle can, keep it on my RPR for now, but move it to a better rifle whenever I upgrade, and have decent sound suppression so nothing too short.

Currently I have a SiCo Hybrid46 and Sparrow22, Dead Air Nomad30, YHM Turbo T2 and Nitro, and an Energetic Armament NYX. The Hybrid lives on my RPR in .308, which is my only long range rifle, and the weight helps balance the rifle for barricade shooting. I'm worried that going to a lighter can will throw off that balance, but I can always look into weights to help with that. All of my rifles that I suppress currently have SilencerCo ASR brakes on them, but I'm getting to the point where certain cans will live on certain rifles so I'm ok with changing out the brake for a direct thread or another company's mount.

Some questions I have:
What is the difference between the Ultra and Dominus series?
For precision match shooting would it be better to go with the Ultra 9 or 7? I feel like the 9 will sound better, but be a pain to move around.
What is the difference in TBAC's mount options?
Is going direct thread better for sound suppression and accuracy?
Am I more likely to have issues with the suppressor loosening while shooting with direct thread?

thanks for any feedback

Firearms REDUCED: New Bravo Company BCM 20" AR15 Barrel with Gas Block

$220 Shipped. From the factory, this runs $300 + shipping.

This barrel is new & unused (was proof-tested at factory).

For Sale, BCM Standard 20" Rifle Length Barrel, with BCM low-profile gas block & gas tube. These items were pulled off a new upper and are completely unused, zero rounds down the tube.

Description of this barrel can be found here:

BCM-20in-stripped barrel.png