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To those who say lower cost guns aren't "accurate"..

I joined this forum less than a month ago, seeking information & some advice about expanding my tactical gun skills to include longer distance precision shooting. Longest shots would probably be less than 500 yards.

I have a couple of decades of practicing tactical shooting skills behind me, all AR based.

To those who say a lower cost rifle isn't accurate, I say BULLSHIT.

Yesterday, my brother & I were shooting 100 yard targets. I normally shoot at poker chips with a contrasting yard dot in the center for contrast. Chips are 1.5" in diameter, yard dots are .75 diameter. Hitting the chip isn't difficult, hitting center of dot is.

He took an unspent 12 gauge shotgun shell he found laid it atop the 2 Inch foam archery target we use to staple targets to. The primer end pointed at me. He placed a red target dot over the primer so I could see it. The front of the shell was resting against a wood backstop people staple their targets to. My foam backstop rested against it..

1 shot, and I hit the shells primer, igniting the shell, the powder burns are evident. Examine the board and you can see exactly where the shell was laying when hit. The shotgun blast penetrated the plywood backing.

We found the remnant of the shell & the red paper dot..

Now you tell me again how you need a high dollar gun with yada yada yada aftermarket parts to be accurate.

I did this with my .223 Savage Axis II Precision and a Vortex Viper Venom scope I bought less that a month ago shooting my reload of a ArmorAlly 55gr fmg, 24 grains of Alliant 1200r with a CCI 450 primer and a range scavenged case. Twist on rifle is 1:7. Hardly considered an accurate load by many.

So when people ASK for opinions on how to get started, dump the bullshit about needing a gun way outside their budgets, and offer real advice. Don't do describe your "dream gun" you don't own, actually try to help them..

Some GREAT, and very accurate weapons are out there that sell for $400 and up. Ruger, Savage, Remington and others are great starter guns to learn accuracy skills with.

Listen to their questions and offer helpful suggestions, not the same bullshit of "just save up more money" so they can afford a gun you probably don't have yourself.

I may be in the minority on this forum, but for my style of shooting, accuracy is #1, and I think most feel the same. Your "sub MOA" is impressive, but far more when inside the bullseye of the target.


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BCM MK2 BFH Govt Profile Accuracy? Also looking Centurion LW

Hey all,

Asking kind of a specific question here that I wasn’t able to find. The new MK2 claims a more rigid upper. Has anyone with real world experience noticed improved accuracy out of them? I’m considering the govt profile

Comparing it also to the centurion “lightweight” barreled uppers. Odd that Centurion call them lightweight - they are actually an ounce heavier than BCM’s govt profile barrel! But I’ve heard that centurion is very accurate as well.

I’m interested in hearing from people that have used high quality or match grade ammo - not m193 or anything. And specifically the MK2 uppers vs the centurion.

Any help appreciated thanks!

Firearms All Matching Bulgarian AK74 + Ammo (TX)

Professionally built Bulgarian AK74 built on an all matching pre-barrel ban Bulgarian kit and Armory USA 1.6mm receiver by Glenn Riddle of Magnum Custom Gunsmithing. Been mostly a collector's safe queen, maybe 200 rounds down the tube. Near perfect condition. Need to move this to fund other projects.


- Armory USA 1.6mm properly heat treated AKM receiver
- All matching Bulgarian parts kit with original barrel
- Tapco G2 double hook US trigger group
- Original AKM sling
- Original AKM cleaning rod
- Correct matching serial AK74 bayonet
- Professionally refinished in Cerakote satin black
- 5x Bulgarian black polymer magazines
- 2x orange bakelite magazines
- 520 rounds of unboxed but still paper wrapped Wolf 5.45x39 in 50 cal ammo can
- 1000 round case of Wolf 5.45x39, still sealed

Price for everything is $2800 OBO cash or Cashapp FTF in the central TX area. No trades. Will only ship/separate ammo and rifle for the right offer. If buyer wants rifle and/or ammo shipped, they will need to pay via Guntab be responsible for 100% of all fees and actual shipping costs (rifle must go to FFL, ammo can go direct to you where legal).


Left Hand Sale WTS: LH Impact Dasher Barreled Action **reduced**

Selling my LH Impact (has 1,256 rounds through it) with a Bix n Andy Tac Sport Pro 2-stage trigger with gator shoe and a Bartlein 24" 1.25 straight barrel chambered in 6 Dasher using an Alpha Legacy reamer with .154 freebore (zero rounds shot through it, new barrel, .154 freebore because I shoot 109's). This was my "backup" setup and I am only selling because I am buying a Production rifle to use as my backup to try something new. I can torque the barrel on before shipment if you would like.

Asking for $2,200 $2,000 shipped to your FFL, never sold an action on here before so I think we have to ship to an FFL right?

Action 737R (LR0637) - $1,430 MSRP
Bix n Andy - $335 MSRP
Bartlein barrel - $450 (Bugholes)
Chambering $425 (S&S Precision in Denton Texas)
Total MSRP $2,640 plus tax and shipping


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Accessories 3M Peltor Arc Adaptors

I've got new in box Peltor Arc adaptors. Unused, in box, as shipped from factory. Authentic 3M. These are all I've got. Haven't seen any hearing protection for quite a while. Cheapest you'll find authentic 3M ARC adaptors by a good margin. Get them while they're here. May be the last of the stuff I see from the sound of things!

Priced as seen below. Prices include USPS priority shipping.

1 set = $40
2 sets= $70
3 sets= $90
4 sets= $110



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2021 Rules for Conduct

1. No threats of any kind against real people, implied, veiled, or otherwise. Your words in this regard are given more weight than the average person, so act accordingly this is public and can be searched by others. Zero tolerance, if your names cross my desk, your account will be limited, banned, or removed.

2. No Hate, do not single out groups or individuals for hateful attacks. Zero tolerance see above

3.You are in public, your words are not only a reflection of you, but this site. Anything negative you post is magnified by the nature of the site. If you want to protect your rights, protect your ground. That means not sky-lining you or the site. The average bans will be 7 days, 10 days, 15 days, 30 days, Months or permanent.

4.Open discourse means not everyone will agree or get along. Use the ignore feature before you publicly engage in personal attacks with other members. Sniper‘s Hide is a community, one full of people with strong wills and deeply held opinions. If you disagree, debate, but respect the other members as member this site. If you can’t get along we will remove one or both parties.

5. Use the report button if you observe a violation of these rules. Do not over report, one is enough, and if we reject the report do not follow up with your version of the facts to vent. We are not emotionally invested we look at the context of the entire conversation as we ll as the direction the thread is headed. This is a big boy site, we swear, cussing is legal here, we look at naked pictures we just limit the pink. Many of use served or still serve and do not consider ourselves snowflakes. You came to Sniper‘s Hide willingly, you have to expect a certain amount of locker room tall, this is our squad bay after all.


SOLD 280 AI - Origin, Proof CF, AG Composites

280 AI rifle, in great condition, low round count (approx 180)
Shoots the 175 Berger Elite Hunters very well over H4831sc
Zermatt Origin LA
AG Composites Chalk Branch Stock, bedded
BDL bottom metal
Triggertech special
24" proof CF Sendero barrel - TL3 barrel but headspaces perfectly. Only oddity is the timing puts the cartridge marking facing down.
5/8x24" muzzle threads
1:9 twist
PVA jet blast brake

$2500 shipped OBO

Add dies and approx 150 pcs Peterson brass for $2700 shipped total, will not separate brass and dies unless rifle goes first.

Also have 6+ boxes of Berger 175 elite I would sell with full package only.


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Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

The last thread got accidentally deleted while trying to clean-up some moron's inappropriate post. So, let's give this one a fighting chance:

- No naked crotch pics
- No Politics
- No religious stuff
- NO celebrity nudes, fake nudes, or uploaded nudes

If you're posting topless pics they need to be hot linked and hosted elsewhere. If you upload something that draws undue legal scrutiny to this site your post will be subject to removal and you can be banned from membership.

The Motivational Pic Thread is dead; Long Live the Motivational Pic Thread v2.0!!!


Varget vs N140

So I have shot Varget with great success, and other VV powders as well. The price of Varget compared to N140 for an 8# jug is almost $100 difference. Anyone switch to shoot N140 instead of Varget? Is the newer formula of N140 more temp stable compared to years past? I'm looking to buy a few 8# jugs for my 223, 22ARC, and 6br. Any compelling reason to choose one over the other? I'm just thinking if I bought 3 8# jugs of Varget, I could get 4 jugs of VVN140 for the same price. its tempting me.
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Optics Swarovski SLC 15x56 Binoculars

Swarovski SLC 15x56

Lightly used for spotting for a handful of matches.
Slightest handling wear on housing - glass/lenses are perfect.

Includes all inserts and accessories as from the factory, as well as an Outsdoorsman bino adapter with Gray Ops arca plate.

$1950 shipped/insured
No trades please

PP F&F, Zelle, Venmo, Check/MO


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Firearms For Sale SOLUS Actions. Won't.. Can't Find them cheaper🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


Bolt Face Size Reference
.478 +/- Standard
6mm/6.5 Creedmoor, 243 Win, 308 Win, 8.6 Blackout

I have several of these available. 655.99 Shipped!!!!!!!!!
Two or more and I’ll do 645.99 each shipped.

From my ffl to your ffl. PayPal friends and family or ill hold until a check clears...
If you can’t follow simple instructions you will miss out.
If you want one pm me with this info.
How many you want.
Your PayPal info.
Your name.
Your phone number.
A copy of the ffl you are using. If need be They can email it to [email protected] have them include your name. My ffl is not doing ffl trades. Your ffl sends their ffl and they get his ffl with your receiver. Very simple but my god people screw it up.


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I have two MDT ACC Chassis for sale. Both are used but not abused.

1. FDE Preproduction model. Some minor differences than the production model. Comes with internal weights and thumb rest as pictured. This chassis was milled to function as a LH chassis as well as RH. $300 buyer pays shipping *SOLD*

2. Grey ACC premiere chassis (LH) Short action Was bedded for an impact 737R. Bedding was removed. Chassis is ready to be bedded for your action. $600 buyer pays

PayPal FF or you pay the fees for G&S

PM if interested

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I checked the internet

So yesterday evening I walked out in my front yard to find a red fox trying to get the neighbors cat. I tried to chase it off but it's not really scared of people it would stay about 50ft away was all.

So I ran next door to warn her. She says they have been here since last year, but she looked it up online and it said they wouldn't mess with domestic animals.

I told her. I am pretty sure they will eat cats based on all the stray cats disappearing over the last year and half or so.

I knew there were some foxes around because they left a chicken carcass in my yard last summer. I also found some tracks in the snow in my drive way this winter. It turns out they have den at an abandoned house less than a block away. And in all liklyhood they ate my cat that I liked and payed to neuter.

So is there any better place to go than online to get biased horseshit information.

Accessories Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Rangefinder and LRI Mount

For sale: Very nice used Sig Kilo 2000 rangefinder with original box, instructions and carry case. Also included is a Long Rifles Inc Kilo 2000 metal mount ($75 value). Unit works well, used very little. $220 shipped OBO


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DOJ New Gun Sales Requirements

Rule Seeks to Implement Provisions of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and Provide Clarity on Who Must Obtain a License and Run Background Checks
The Justice Department today announced it has submitted to the Federal Register the “Engaged in the Business” Final Rule, which makes clear the circumstances in which a person is “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms and thus required to obtain a federal firearms license, in order to increase compliance with the federal background check requirement for firearm sales by federal firearms licensees.
“Under this regulation, it will not matter if guns are sold on the internet, at a gun show, or at a brick-and-mortar store: if you sell guns predominantly to earn a profit, you must be licensed, and you must conduct background checks,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. “This regulation is a historic step in the Justice Department’s fight against gun violence. It will save lives.”

"This is a regulatory rule, not a law enacted by Congress. It is likely to be challenged and overturned in courts."