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IF you're using SURFSHARK VPN or know someone who is --- READ

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Contractor repos the shower he installed.

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For every shady contractor there are three thieving scum customers that think once you've installed something permanently on their property it's theirs, whether they 'decide' to pay for it or not.

This one thieving cunt thought she she would pay half...

Sell me on LMT

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I keep reading on the forums about LMT. They are routinely referred to as "top tier" and superior to other companies. I have a number of systems including 5 ARs from Colt, Geissele, and Aero. To be blunt, I much prefer Aero. I am beyond intrigued about...

USA Reloads, Germantown PA

Feral Patriot
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Is anyone familiar with a online company called USA Reloads in Germantown PA for reloading components? They have a $250 minimum order and don't take credit cards. They only take Zelle, Google Pay or bit coin.

Bolt action .223 recommendations

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My friend would like to find a .223 cal rifle that he can use for target shooting. He would like to have a rifle that shoots sub moa, and has a bull barrel. What rifles do you guy's recommend? I really like the Tikka T3, but they are almost...

Budget hunting scope

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It looks like my kid will be hunting with me for the first time this year. He has been shooting my ar with a 1-6 lpvo very well so I decided to get a 350 legend upper as a collapsible stock works very well for both of us.

Now I need an optic. I...