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                                          Actions ! You asked, we answered

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 31
                                          Knowledge Bomb Edition : Terminus Actions

                                          I had Joel Russo on the podcast to talk Terminus, and Actions...

                                          People....please....there's enough for everyone....

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 36


                                          JAE700 by MDT - Coming Soon

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 28
                                          Most probably know that when JAE went under a couple of years ago, the design was bought out by MDT who planned to tweak the design and eventually re-launch. Looking at the 2022 SHOT Show Products, I came across this...

                                          Help Me, I want this…

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 184
                                          I want this exact set up, down to the suppressor

                                          don’t own one, feel after seeing the picture on Twitter from Rainier Arms, I have to have it


                                          Who is doing this work to this degree, send me a PM …

                                          Take my...

                                          What is with all the Profanity???

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 165
                                          Please don’t get me wrong I do not have virgin ears, and I can cuss like a sailor. But, what I have a hard time with is hearing people in our sport talk about the lack of young people getting into the sport.
                                          When I listen to podcasts and the constant...

                                          Upgrade for Sako TRG - ARCA/M-Lok handguard

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 21
                                          Hi Fellow TRG Shooters,
                                          I have been looking for a way to add some ARCA compatibility to my TRG-22 for awhile. Initially, I had planned to buy a short ARCA rail and mount it with T-Nuts to the UIT/Anschutz rail on the bottom of the forearm. I randomly...

                                          Factory .223

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 26
                                          I have a bergara hmr in 6.5cm.
                                          I shoot maybe a match a year, other than that just having fun when I get a chance to get out.

                                          with the scarcity of 6.5 and my PILE of .223 I already have and it's availability I'm looking at getting a .223 bolt gun.


                                          Fluting vs. Dimpling question

                                          • Thread
                                          • Replies: 40
                                          Is there any significant advantage in weight or accuracy with regards to fluting vs. dimpling a rifle barrel? I'm particularly interested in aspects of flex and rigidity as it pertains to these two methods. Any input would be appreciated.