Between-Studs Wall Safe

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Looking to add a between-the-studs wall safe in my bedroom big enough for my AR9 7” pistol or possibly my 11.5” BCM.

So far, options by V-Line appeal to me the best. Looking at the QuickVault XL and the ClosetVault II (still need to measure guns to...
Foul Mike

Fireworks on 4July 20

Foul Mike
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The town put on a nice fireworks display but the locals outdid them.
I watched the town display but the locals put more rounds in the air than the City did by a lot. Thanks Wyoming, sure they sold tons.
It was VERY impressive and everywhere around me...

Neophyte Long Range

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So after a fairly long while spent assembling gear, with a few .set backs along the way, finally made it to.shooting beyond 400 yards.
Drove out to Spearpoint Ranch in Barnard Kansas with a group of guys..short aside, the guys are Spearpoint where...

Invitation to shoot a new Benchrest venue!!

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Come join us at Buck Creek in Somerset, KY Aug. 1, 2020 at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

We will be having our Inaugural Bullet PRO 150 match. We will draw benches at 8:00 am for 36 shooters, 7:30 am for 48 shooters.
There will be two classes of...

Finally a Skull knob I like!

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It may not be everyones cup of tea but I have been working on getting it just the way I want it. This is about the 10th attempt. Getting the right size and detail in a cast stainless skull has proven tough. I've finally found the right one. Playing...

New member from Colorado.

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Hello from Colorado. I am new here and signed up because I had been finding a lot of good information from just browsing the site but I still have questions that I don't see posted yet. I've been shooting hunting rifles for a long time and have...

4th of July

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Yea, I's just a little early, but I'm gonna start this......

The 4th of July, our nations Birthday,Independence day......

Today we all need to take a look at the direction our country is going, there is a group of people that are trying...

Don't fuck with this county in Bama

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We put the Flags out many times a year, but this year I thought it was important for many to see how our county feels about this country. The names are from WW I on they span to date. They all were from this county alone and the route is 3.8 miles...

New 224 Valkyrie Ammo from Federal

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Meet the Expanded Family of Options for the Industry’s Number One New Cartridge, 224 Valkyrie

ANOKA, Minnesota – January 18, 2019 – The industry’s number one new caliber from the number one rifle ammunition brand continues to grow. Federal expands...