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    Firearms 7 SAW PRS rifle $3300

    Pm sent. You brought this back from the dead.
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    7mm SAW

    I never got beyond this. I have had the worst year of my life and a major health issue stop my shooting hobby.
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    I know I said I was interested in 160 class 7mm, but I have to back out due to health issues. Sorry.
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    Reloading Equipment Thread disappeared

    I got an email about a thread on Reloadunlimeted But the thread disappeared. Is that site a scam? They seem too good to be true until you hit the debit card page
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    I said I could wait for the 160gr class competition bullet, but that was January. Starting to think about it too much now lol.
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    Winchester 223 vs 556 brass

    I've got a mix of Winchester brass that I want to load near book max for 556. Headstamps Winchester 223 Win 556 WC 556 Should I separate out the 223 or is it all the same?
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    What speed were you getting? Powder Barrel length Etc I might play with a box
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    300 black bolt pistol

    So several big names make $300 ish bolt 300 blacks. I think I'll go that route so I can actually carry it around in vehicles, tractor, utv with little fear of theft or damage. Sub in the chamber. Supers below. Spin the can on when playing. The only advantage to the ar upper would be my...
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    300 black bolt pistol

    I have a YHU ULT and silencerco harvester 30. Also a 300 black ar15 that doesn't impress me with subs (noise wise). Would cutting the SLR gas block help much? Otherwise what is on the market for a pistol bolt gun that uses AR15 magazines? I'd accept regular 16 inch bolt with AR15 magazines.
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    Sealing primers

    I bought some brass thats loose in the primer pockets. Would be fine in a bolt gun, but I plan to use it in a rather violent ar10. What sealant, paint, glue etc would help Or Is crimped primers the only way. I have picked up plenty of range brass with a red lacquer or something around the...
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    BAR safari mount

    a coworker has a 20 plus year old BAR safari and he's willing to finally go beyond see through mounts and Tasco. He has a $400 budget and I can probably get him an ok deer scope, but may be 30mm body. Any body got experience putting glass on an old BAR?
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    Hunting & Fishing New Hunting Bullets Available

    The longest bullet I can use ogive to tip is the 180 hybrid 7mm. If your 16x 7mm is similar I'll get a case for for chance of 0.4xx BC at 2850fps. Otherwise I'm just waiting on your next batch of 151s.
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    7mm SAW

    I am just trying to emulate the 39 gr varget 162eldm break in load. 27" Criterion 1:8. Brand new barrel with cleaning between shots. 1...39gr varget. 2639 2...39gr TAC. 2594 3...40gr TAC. 2740 4...39.3gr TAC. Battery oops 5...39.3gr TAC. 2683 Guess I'll load up a bunch of 39gr TAC...
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    7mm SAW

    I know 39gr varget behind a 162eldm is a 2700fpm break in load. Due to shortages, I need to use Ramshot TAC. Would 39gr be a good starting point?