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    Vehicle EDC

    I would add some leather gloves and some HF nitrile gloves to your milk crate with the paper towels and other stuff. If you need to work on something it's nice to keep your hands clean.
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    ARC Nucleus

    Mine currently has a 6 Dasher barrel on it, but I would need a little more if I left that on. I don't need it anymore, so if anyone is looking for an action let me know.
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    ARC Nucleus

    Wanna buy another one?
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles K624i lemon?

    I had a Kahles warranty issue earlier this year on a k525i. The warranty stuff is handled by Swaro USA. Something broke inside my scope so the magnification would not change. If you adjusted the magnification setting the scope would just go in and out of focus. My dealer offered me a...
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    WTB Want to Buy..6BR

    Does it have to be BR or will you consider Dasher?
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    SOLD WTT: Berger 109 Hybrids

    Interested in selling instead of trading?
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    Reloading Equipment Want Varget or H4895, have Berger 105, Lapua 6BR brass, Reloader 16, Austin TX

    Wish you were closer, I have 4# of Varget I would trade for 105's.
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    PRS Talk Cheap tripod & binos for first few matches?

    You are going to want a tripod. Holding anything by hand won't be steady enough to see whats going on. You are going to spend way more time looking through your binos than your rifle scope. You want them to be steady and clear. Also make sure the tripod will go tall enough for you to see...
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    Looks like Bergara is coming out with a new precision chassis rifle.

    I'm pretty sure the saying back in the 60's auto racing scene was "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday"
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    Help preparing for first PRS event (Sheepdog)

    If its a PRS style match, the stage description will tell you the target range(s), round count, points possible, time limit, and a description of how to shoot the stage. This will be very similar to an IDPA stage. Round count per stage will likely be 8-12 rounds. Stage time in my area is...
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    SOLD Accurate mag 10 round

    Does the mag have a binder plate?
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    Did my first net check-in on echolink conference tonight

    Are you guys using a radio to an Echolink repeater or are you talking directly into your computer?
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    Area 419 rail

    I don't use the front action screw for 2 reasons. First, my bi-pod can't go back that far without hitting the magazine, so it's wasting a couple inches of rail. Shifting it forward gives me rail space at the front without loosing rail at the back. Second, if I need to take my action out I...
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    Elevated shooting platform

    This is looking from down range back toward the structure. The upper conex has holes in the wall you can shoot from and is open on both ends to act as a bridge between the two decks. I think they have added more holes in the wall now. You can kind of see how the upper decks are wider than the...
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    Elevated shooting platform

    Do you want it to stay dry inside? Cut holes in the floor and let the water rise and drain inside. Two ranges I shoot at have structures built from shipping containers. They both have a deck built on the top of the containers. The deck is maybe 4-6 feet wider than the containers. The...