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    Night Vision My first NV optic, a PVS-27

    Nice set up, and I am jealous. As already noted, running that close to muzzle with brake will be a issue. If you do, use a surefire flash hider, or equivalent, they really do a great job in eliminating flash. Quite a number of ways to address this. I think you have your plan though. Measure...
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    Accuracy expectations from chrome lined barrel

    I say it depends on the barrel itself with delivering precision. I don't have that particular barrel or done any research on it. I do have 16" Noveseke double chrome lined, and a recent Stag 20" chrome lined, and they both stack 55 FMJ super tight. I would not worry about chrome lining as a...
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    Mega Receivers now available

    Awesome, and about time! Not that I need more since I have sets to build yet. Yeah, cost is a bit more, but once some get to retailers, might see some better prices. I still would buy it at that price since these sets are spot on and worth every cent.
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    Best AR-10 mag thats not a p mag....?

    What sinister said KAC, Larue, Lancer, IWI From metal to polymer, with one in between.
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    Best movies

    You all have some good ones already listed. Dirty Dozen
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    Rifle Scopes The Arken Optics Thread (merged)

    Same here as IMFarmer07 said above. Order same week in that November time frame, got it last week.
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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    I am back for a few days only, have thousands of .45 ACP only, no more 5.56. Can ship the latest on my end on Wednesday if anyone is still looking.
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    Cold Welded Bullets in Neck

    I remember reading about this in the past and not following up on it. Wondering if anything new has developed about this. I have not experienced any cold weld. I live in high desert at 5500' elevation. Wet clean with stainless media and anneal. I usually annealed after cleaning. Using this...
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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    After the initial listing, and packages that went out, this is the remaining. LC 5.56: around 3000 left .45 ACP: a ton of it left Getting ready to head out of town due to work, last call until I get back.
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    Night Vision Bering hogster 25 vs AGM rattler 25

    Same here, as I am in the market for one also. Everything I have researched, I keep going back to Bering as the choice. Any of you have experience with the thermal clip on for use with the day scope? Second choice i am looking at would be the hogster or similar line of optic.
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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    I did, going to send one to you shortly
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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    At this moment, I may have all of my 5.56 spoken for. I need to respond to the PM's with a count for all who requested. I will get to those who sent PM, give me some time to sort out. .45 still available, lots of it.
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    SOLD FS: once fired brass .45 and LC 5.56

    I have a lot of brass to move. All of it is once fired, and from the same lot of ammo. None of it is processed, prepped, or cleaned. Spent primers will still be in the case itself. I do not reload these calibers. 1. .45 Winchester once fired large primer brass. I have over four 5 gallon...
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    AR Accuracy: What to Expect and How to Acheive it?

    To master the AR accuracy expectation, there are numerous areas that have to be supporting each other to achieve the ultimate goal, of being accurate and consistent. All of these posts in the thread are spot on. Each post is valuable and address areas that must be achieved from what they...
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    This ammo situation sucks

    Range pick up's I found today, worth 2 packs of smokes