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    FNH Ballista questions

    Also, when you get tired of the grip safety, just know that you can actually remove it pretty easily without messing up anything. Grip mounts and unscrews just like a standard AR grip, and after that it's just a matter of removing a couple pieces of basic metal.
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    Scammer amongst us - “wading”

    I've always tried to offer USPS money orders as a buyer because I worry about sellers trying to scam me. They are going to have to deposit it in a bank account or cash it at a Post Office, so there's going to A) a paper trail, B) more than likely they are going to be on video, and C) you get...
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    Trigger Tech Diamond 2 stage or 1 Stage

    I prefer single stage. When I actually go to pull the trigger, I want the rifle to go off. I've tried using 2-stage triggers, and I just can't get used to them. I just don't like the feeling of pulling the trigger, then having to pull it more after I realize why it didn't go off when I...
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    3x5 Data Book

    I'm definitely going to give it a try on my next trip to the range. Just put together a new rifle with an optic I've never used before too, and I figure this has got to be a better solution than me trying to write stuff down randomly in a notebook and then later wondering about the stuff I...
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    3x5 Data Book

    Not trying to nitpick, but I was scrutinizing the first card in the databook mainly because there's a lot of terms that I'm not familiar with as a relative noob in this sport, and I noticed a small math error. For calculating hold for movers, you've got: 10mil/s x 1.2s TOF = 10.2 mil It...
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    Solved my Problem with Fliers and Intermittent Accuracy Loss.

    Another option for the Loctite you're using on the screws: Permatex has their version of threadlocker also. They make an orange version that they say is 3 times stronger than the blue stuff, but it doesn't require heat to break it loose like the red stuff does. Just a thought.
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    Lifestyle for precision shooting?

    I know that when I quit smoking I would get frustrated with everything a lot more easily at first. Doing fast pistol drills and a couple shots don't go where I want them to and immediately I start getting all wound up. Same with a feeling of general anxiety behind the rifle, with constant...
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    New nucleus action?

    That's definitely a Gen 2 action. The big rotating crossbolt at the top was a feature of the 1st Gen Nucleus actions like the one I have. The ARC website has kinda always been a little behind, from what I can tell. If you look at the description of the Gen 2 Nucleus, I'm pretty sure they are...
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    Hello from Sacramento, CA

    Last I checked you had to be an NRA member first just to become a regular member. Then you had to be a regular member for a couple of years before someone could nominate you to be considered for a senior member. And of course there are fees and such involved as well. Unless the rules have...
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    My favorites are the ads you find where the picture of an item is clearly a picture of the item being displayed on a computer monitor. Like the scammer didn't even bother to download and crop the image and re-upload it, they just took a picture of their monitor. Runner up goes to the...
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    Hello from Sacramento, CA

    Been out to SVSC all of one time. Longest range they have there is 300 meters unless you're a member of their club. And that just gets you out to 500. If you want access to the 1000 meter range you need to be a senior member first. Plus last I checked they were closed to the public because...
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    Yep, I'm on a bunch of random forums, and often when I'd see a matching WTB in one and a WTS in another, I'd match them up. I quit doing that like a year ago because the sheer amount of scammers just keeps growing and I didn't want someone I introduced to get scammed and for me to get caught up...
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    What's the most stupid thing you've been told?

    Once had a guy tell me that if you don't take coriolis effect into account you'll never be able to hit anything at 100 meters or farther. Fortunately this was at a big-box gun store, so I was able to just turn around and walk away.
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    Garmin Tactix Delta With Applied Ballistics

    Holy crap, the price on that thing too. $900 for base model, $1100 for solar, $1400 if you want the AB package.
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    WTS/WTT- ghost gunner 2

    Not to hijack the thread, but man, seriously fuck that guy and all his friends.