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    Who are your favorite vendors for pre-fit barrels?

    Happy with PVA, but you can't go wrong with the ones listed here. I'd look at what you want for caliber, contour, twist and then see who has what in stock.
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    Is my landlord a fucking dick?

    I wouldn't waste my time filing a claim with renters. They're contents policies and aren't going to cover damage to someone else's building, especially not for damage someone else caused to someone else's building. A public adjuster can't change that.
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    Is my landlord a fucking dick?

    When reading the lease it should be under the insurance section. Maintenance section would be for normal wear and tear. Also, reglazing should be like $100-$200 for an average window. Even a full window replacement shouldn't be a grand. If you do pay for it, hire someone yourself. I certainly...
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    Where to get Origin or t3 prefits

    Yet another vote for front range precision
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    Short action Elk rounds

    Not directed at anyone in particular, but: If 👏 you're 👏 not 👏 willing 👏 to 👏 pass 👏 on 👏 bad 👏 shots 👏 don't 👏 go 👏 hunting 👏 I agree with the earlier poster who said you're either on the vitals or you're not. If you're not confident, don't pull the trigger, doesn't matter what you're...
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    Scale question

    I made thousands of rounds on my RCBS 505 without issue. I recently got an A&D FX-120i. It is much faster and the SD of my weights is lower. The 505 had a slightly higher SD for weights, but the average was always dead on the money with what I had set it for.
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    Short action Elk rounds

    6.5 PRC 7 SAUM 300 WSM Run the numbers and take your pick. Strengths and weaknesses to each. If you're using factory ammo, I'd pick two or 3 loadings for each and compare those. If reloading, pick a few bullets in each caliber that meet your needs and run the numbers. I went with 6.5 PRC. No...
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    Accuracy of Tikka T3X Factory Fluted Barrels

    Can't go wrong with the SuperLite (at a much lower price than the models you listed). My buddy has one and it shoots great for how light it is with minimal load workup.
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    American Rifle Company Black Friday and Cyber Week Sale

    For what it's worth, got my PVA black Friday barrel last Thursday.
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    What is happening?

    Things have already gotten much better than they were. Local stores have 9mm and 5.56 in a few varieties every day. Lots of projectiles, maybe not exactly what you want, but a few options in all the common calibers. Every panic everyone says things will never go back to normal and they always...
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    What is happening?

    Things have definitely improved locally and online. Projectile availability is way up here. I seem primers and powder a few times a month, but not at prices I'm willing to pay. Online it seems like Midway and Brownells have stuff every week. And the shortage hasn't been going on for 2 years...
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    6.5 can for 223?

    If it's your first can and you're not sure you want to spend a ton, I'm very happy with my YHM Resonator for a bolt action in 6.5. You can swap the mount out later if you invest in another brands mounts as well.
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    6.5 can for 223?

    My 30 cal rugged razor has never been used on a 30 cal gun. It's very pleasant/low back pressure on an AR-10 in 6.5 and a stack of AR-15s in 223 though. Am I leaving some DB reduction in the table? Certainly. But it takes the edge off and makes shooting more enjoyable for me. I've got enough...
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    Advice on 223 low velocities versus manufacturer data

    Even at the same barrel length some barrels will be slower than others. Some brands (Tikka) have a reputation for excellent accuracy but below average speeds. Please post some details on your setup and load data and we might be able to shed some more light.
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    MDT metal 223 or accurate metal

    Just got an email from MDT, they expect to ship the backordered metal 223 magazine by the end of the year. Much faster than I expected given the scale of the sale. I'll circle back once I have it in hand.