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    Rifle Scopes Will this ring setup work?

    Have a weaver extended 20moa base Low weaver 6 hole picatinny rings 30mm Getting a vortex hs-t On a rem 700 short action I know the bell will clear the barrel and rail Will I be able to get eye relief or so I need to go with rings that will totally let the bell clear the rail? Would I be...
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    Rifle Scopes 44mm vs 50mm in vortex hst and vortex viper

    Ok, so I like the features on the new HS-T 44mm, would I notice much diff between this and a regular viper hs 50mm? This will be my biggest scope purchase money wise and could use some input. I want side focus, prefer both turrets exposed and want some decent glass. I guess my question is -...
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    Bell & Carlson a2 tactical compared to hs precision m24 vert grip

    Ok so here is what I am looking for A pic like this of a rem 700 in an hs precision m24 vertical grip See pics below 1st is my current in a B&C 2nd pic is the hs I'm looking to get I am wanting the pic to compare how high the stock cheek rest is compared to the bolt Thanks
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    Help comparing a few stocks

    Ok have a rem700 sps short action looking at a couple stocks - Hs precision sporter Boyds prairie hunter Boyds thumbhole What I am looking for is a good cheek weld Here is my current sps stock's drop shown with a ruler and by the bolt If you have any of the above stocks could you do...
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    Rifle Scopes Are the VX1 much better than the VX2?

    I have a Nikon buckmaster and don't care for it
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    Rifle Scopes Are the VX1 much better than the VX2?

    Is the vx1 decent or is it just buying the name?
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    Rifle Scopes Are the VX1 much better than the VX2?

    Looking for a 3-9x40 scope for a general hunting 308. Want some pretty nice glass but in the 200-300 range
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    Bought a new Remington 700 and....

    Inboxes it to find a scratched muzzle and a crooked lug Should I see if the shop will take care of it or is it my baby to send back to Remington - and how long might that take?
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    Bedding a B&C medalist

    Ok so long story short I have a stock that the barrel doesn't sit centered in - haven't checked my lug on the action yet but- I want to correct it by bedding. It seems like the bedding block would be too snug against the sides to actually get any bedding material in. Anyone else have this...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns M&P auto forward??

    Re: M&P auto forward?? I picked up my compact yesterday, It is just like my full size, it is physically impossible to get the slide to go forward without pulling it back or thumbing the release bar. (I'm glad) This may be something that shows up with wear or break in, so far I haven't had...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns M&P auto forward??

    I have an M&P full size 40 that I love, I am thinking about picking up a compact 40 as well. I have been reading where some pistols were giving problems with the slide closing with the insertion of a mag. Mine has never done this, I tried to get it to last night and I don't think it would fall...
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    Any reviews on tac sol 10/22 barrels?

    Thinking about picking one up - I here mixed reviews Thanks
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    Aluminum bedded block question

    So I got my b&c stock in, when I drop in the action I am just a smidge to the right at the end of the forarm and not quite free floated. Before I sand down the channel I wanted to know if I should remove any of this (see where arrows are pointing) could this be my problem? It seems to be...