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    Need a PLRF-10 serviced

    I have a PLRF-10 and it was dropped from a shooting bench. It will not laze past 100 yrds. Contacted Vectronics, they will not service it...too old. Email said it sounded like the mirror shifted. Any one fix these?? Thx Marty
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    Optics Unertl C3 scope for sale

    Not mine, just bring it to everyones attention
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    Gunsmithing Badger M2013 light primer strikes?

    Yes, Trigger tech, auto correct on phone. The issue is the sear does not drop far enough, this leaves the cocking piece dragging and no bang.
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    Gunsmithing Badger M2013 light primer strikes?

    We find the Timney triggers are not reliable in Badger actions. Trigger time are our favorite aftermarket triggers. Problem with Timneys is the sear dosnt fall as far away as the Remington spec trigger, which the action was designed to use.
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    Gunsmithing Badger M2013 light primer strikes?

    Hi, What trigger do you have?
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    M24 Questions

    Badger still has M24 DM's and M24A2 DM's available, but they are going fast.
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    Night Vision Inconsistent shift with PVS-27

    Make sure you the loctite on the entire contact surface. Make sure you are using the right size screw bushings and get the screws tight. Make sure when you put the 27 on its in the same groove and be sure to push it forward in the slot when you throw the lever.
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    Feast your Eyes on....

    The most rare rifles are the: Pederson PA self loader. The Springfield Pederson S/N #3!... #3 for God sake! The Mondragon, weird interesting rifle. The original AR-10. There are a couple of late war 98 Mauser's that don't suck ;) There a lot of guns there which don't move me but there's...
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    XM-3 Rifle

    I wonder if it went, and I use the term very lightly, LOW! because there are more coming. Something to ponder. Be the first on your black to own 2, count them 2! XM-3 rifles. Coming soon to a CMP auction near you!
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    CMP M40 auction

    MAT, You are not wrong, but there is one thing, the provenance is as good as you can get with a CMP auction. Besides, it I am going to shell out a butt load of schekles, I would prefer it was to keep the CMP flush and not line some auctioneers pockets for being a fast talker. One to the...
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    CMP M40 auction

    "And it wasn't even a "Z series". Funny thing, the Z rifles used to be less desirable. Loot at what the auction Grands go for, I have bought rifles is need mint condition for $900, and that with in the last 6 months. Same rifle on the Auction goes for $3k. I think what it is, is guys with no...
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    CMP M40 auction

    What did it go for? I was in bed.
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    CMP M40 auction

    Bug, If only I could read! ;)
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    CMP M40 auction

    The barrel is not an M40A1 contour, the Lug is Not Marine Corps. Also it has a late model bolt shroud but the bolt handle is period correct. No mention is made if the bolt is serialized to the action, I will attempt to find out if it is.
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    Pre War M70 standard as Vietnam sniper rifle

    So the pic from post #12 , since it is not likely an "Issued" rifle, it really does not address the original question. It interestingly does have an M84 scope, the top cover is either missing or opened. The rear sight on the barrel indicates its not likely a pre 64 M70.