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    Another tripod option

    Who cares where it is made?
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    MPA chassis cerakote so weak

    Call the company. They will fix it.
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    Custom Chassis Paint

    Hi all, I am getting a new MPA chassis and want to do some custom paint accents on it. Does anyone have a recommendation on somebody who is good? Thanks
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    Feisol or Leofoto Tripod? Which model, and why?

    Lots of people here would never be caught dead with a Chinese made tripod, but have a garage full of Chinese made tools right from Home Depot. Makes me laugh.
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    Hi all, I have a Bergara HMR stock that has been sitting on my shelf for about two years and I want to put it to use. The problem is that I do not know what profile to have made that will fit the channel. I spoke with my gunsmith and informed him that Bergara has a barrel diagram for their...
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    Atlanta walk out

    Can anyone advise if there were any shootings or homicides in Atlanta last night? Bang
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    Term Limits Protest

    What you are suggesting is step 1. toward tyranny.
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    So I was going to the local strip club to help send one of the girls to college. On my way I stop for gas. The amount came to $ 18.25. I handed the guy a $20 and he proceeds to go to his phone to calculate the change. I am not shitting you. This is a...
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    Impact trigger hangers

    There is a reason Tate puts the 0 hangar on the actions when they ship. Think about that. Love my Impact. Bang
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    Impact firing pin spring

    MikeRTacOps, don't know what happened to you, but my experience with Tate has been super. Just got my Impact barreled action and it is just badass. It is breaking in nicely and gets smoother by the day. Never a problem feeding or ejecting. I sent Tate an email with my phone number and he called...
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    Great info. Thanks.
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    Have not had a problem in the past, until today.
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    Hi all, I just ordered several 500 boxes of 107 SMK's. Every box is a different lot. Does this matter? Have you seen performance changes in the same bullet from lot to lot? Thanks, Bang
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    Trigger cleaning and maintenance

    Read the instruction booklet that came with your trigger. If that does not offer advice on how to clean the trigger, call the company. Companies love when you call them and ask them how to keep their product in top running condition.