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    Bergara b-14r pic thread

    Yes, spray paint onto a paper plate, dip sponge into paints.
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    Bergara b-14r pic thread

    Oryx on my Savage 308, looks good, just too damn heavy.
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    Precision em!!

    Vargmatll, what caliber is your Impact? I have a .25 Impact.
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    Fuck me school shooting in Texas

    Any info on the shooter?
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    DFW area, looking for a place to shoot

    Thanks all. The Hide members are always come through.
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    DFW area, looking for a place to shoot

    Lots of shooting places, thank you all very much.
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    DFW area, looking for a place to shoot

    Thank for the information. Yes, I want to shoot past 100 yards.
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    DFW area, looking for a place to shoot

    New to DFW area, looking for a place to shoot that is reasonable in price. Is there a range that charges per visit? $600 to $800 per year to shoot seems steep. My old range was $10 per day. I shot on a few farms also. Any help?
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    Comiefornia hicap laws

    OP, I left Cali, and am damn glad I did. If someone asks you to do them a solid, ask yourself, why can`t they do it themselves. Do it, and you will be asked if you want to be the husband or the wife.
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    Recomendations on air rifle for backyard pest control. Located in town.

    Air Arms TX200 .22. It will dispatch any and all rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc . Not loud, but it is accurate. No tank to lug around. Fine air guns, I own two, one in .177 and the other in .22.
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    What to expect for accuracy.

    Better ammo, better groups. At 50 yards I get, CCI SV .5 to .8 SK pistol and rifle best of .26 RWS .3`s
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    Scope shade tubes

    On, always.
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    Scope choice: Athlon Argos BTR G2 or Arken SH4 G2

    The Arken glass is clear, but, you get what you pay for. When compared to the Midas Tac, yes, I own both I prefer the Athlon. The Arken has MUCH BETTER tactical clicks, and feel, but the glass is the issue. Both of the Arkens I own (4-16 and 6-24) are on air rifles. I am behind the glass a lot...
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    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    I had a Mod 60 back in the 70`s, some low life decided to steal it. Very accurate .22 with what ammo was available at that time.