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    ATF does me a solid

    The ATF called me today about an error on a recent Form 1 e-file. Very nice lady, said she'd fix it for me. This is the third time someone from the ATF has contacted me about an error on a form. Each time was courteous and they fixed my problem for...
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    HELP! I have no idea what this is. UPDATE: IT'S REAL!

    I am impatient, impulsive, willing to go without food to buy a gun, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. These are all terrible qualities for a collector. So I bought this off Gunbroker last night, THEN did a google search. Is this for real? Here...
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    Anti-Sniper rifle...The German WWII Volkssturm VG1-5...FINISHED w/Shooting Video

    And by Anti-Sniper I mean the antithesis of a sniper rifle. The Gewehr VG1-5 was one of Hitler's last ditch weapons intended for distribution to the Volksswehr...or people's army, made up of men over 60 and boys 16 and under...all other men already...
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    This is what you get if you're hi-speed enough

    Your tax dollars at work. Here's a pic of my buddy Dave, former 10th Grouper, with a pic from his last deployment in Afghanistan. They called it the "Tactical Prius". Bullet proof, gunports, etc, etc. [ATTACH type="full" alt="dave powers...
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    BREN gun semi-auto build...vintage sniper? 1.5 MOA groups. VIDEO UP!

    I've read in two different sources where the BREN was so accurate it was used as a sniper rifle for long range shots. There is a scene in the movie "The Siege of Jadotville", about the Irish UN peace keepers in the Congo, where a sniper is asked if he...
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    Latest ammo price insanity from Cheaper Than Dirt.

    I can't believe they could sell even one box of this. $2 a round...for Green Tip!!!! It's almost cheaper to shoot .50 BMG! Lake City by Winchester M855 5.56 NATO SS109 Ammunition 20 Rounds FMJ 62 Grains Green Tip LCWM855 QTY...
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    RBG dead

    Fox news reports Ginsburg dead
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    Pure Genius

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    Here's your chance to get a Walther WA 2000

    Coming to Rock Island Auction Company December Premier Auction. Walther WA 2000. This will probably go for 10 to 20K, why I don't know.
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    Tokarev TT33 IPSC/3-Gun Custom Race Pistol...NOW WITH SHOT GROUP TEST

    [B][SIZE=5][FONT=tahoma]I got this Tokarev TT33 for les than $200. Decided to see what I could turn it into. Added a muzzle brake. Milled lightening cuts in slide to speed up cycling. Bobbed the hammer. Lightening cuts in trigger and stoned all...
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    IDF Mauser M-66 SP

    [FONT=tahoma][SIZE=18px][B]Thought some of you might be interested in my Israeli Defense Forces Mauser M-66 SP sniper rifle in 7.62 x 51 (.308 Winchester). Almost all of these rifles were produced in 1980 on the commercial Mauser M66 short action...
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    Safety is for Sissy's

    Old School....1911 with grip safety disabled by rubber bands. ...
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    Snipery M60...well, its' got an optic UPDATE: Now with accuracy test video

    [B][FONT=georgia][SIZE=6]You vintage guys will appreciate this somewhat snipery AR-60 that I built. A fully transferable M60 will go for upwards of $65,000 (RIA has one on it's auction site now) while a semi-auto version goes for $14,000. So...I...