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    Magnum caliber for 600-1000+

    You might get 75 rounds out 1 lbs. of powder. 260 around 150 rounds.
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    Magnum caliber for 600-1000+

    260 rem
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    Recorder for Spotter

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    Safety Warning for Berger 77 grain OTM Tactical Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Think, second round fired . Okay in bolt rifles. Hmmm?
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    Safety Warning for Berger 77 grain OTM Tactical Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Molon Doesn't look like any crimp on the unfired cartridge? Whats the throat length? I used to shoot 223 semi and it would some times close the bolt so hard the bullet would stay in the throat when I would clear the chamber.
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    What is your preferred scope level?

    I'm getting older and ware glasses, can't see little bubble levels. Glasses seem to through my can't off even farther. I shoot with both eyes open an the send it electronic is easy to see in a shooting position.
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    Precision Rifle Gear BIPOD or TRIPOD

    If you had a choice for bench shooting, hunting and prs, would you choose a rrs ground tripod (tvc-32g with a anvil ball head) or a elite iron bipod (steel or aluminum)? Thanks
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    Porcelain Tumbling Media?

    I started using ceramic media 20 or so years ago shooting bpc . Haven't looked back, just ordered 5 lbs. of 1mm spherical today. It never wears out. Wanted something that wouldn't stick inside my 260 cases and primer pockets. Aim small, Hit small. Good luck.
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    Reticle Cant

    Me too, Found this haven't used it yet. Maybe it would help ?
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    Night Vision Lieca calonox ?????

    Hoping this will work with the s&b pmll. hate to take it on an off the rifle for night hunting.
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    Night Vision Lieca calonox ?????

    Nope, not even any adapters just ( adapter recommendations code ) sheet on leica site.
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    Optics WTB Leica 2400R

    That was Rockstad enterprise
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    Optics WTB Leica 2400R

    Call Jim at Rockstar enterprises
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    Night Vision Lieca calonox ?????

    Has any one seen a video with more info on this thermal ? I'm very interested in it and the price.
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    TRG Rifles picture thread.....??

    My bad I thought 6.5 x47 was shorter . When I looked it up I read it wrong .