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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Good morning all, I have had a paper trust for my NFA items for several years and occasionally follow this thread. My question is this, can I somehow E-file for “new items” and still use my original paper trust? My intent is to continue to keep any new items conveniently inclusive with the...
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    WTB Berger 300 Win Mag Ammunition 215 Hybrid

    Good morning. Anyone have or know of any in stock? Would like to buy 4-10 boxes of Berger 300 Win Mag 215 grain Ammunition. Same lot would be preferable Please PM. Thanks all
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    Accessories For Sale, Cleanout - Nightforce, Borka, Triggertech Trigger

    All prices are shipped. Paypal gift preferred. Nightforce Rail, A135, New, opened, never used $110. Triggertech Gold Edition, Remington 700, Diamond, Right Handed, Without Bolt Release - Sold out in minutes. $375 Nightforce Rings, New, A208 $205 Nightforce Rings, New, A210 $205, have 2 sets...
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    Labradar trigger from JKL Precision

    Better? Dont know, only ever used Piets version, maybe one of the first out and never missed a shot or looked back on my decision! Ill let you decide from there 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
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    Accessories MK Machining, Nightforce Rings Rail, Triggertech Triggers, LabRadar Trigger, Norma 300WM Brass, Borka, Kestrel, AR Lapping Tool

    TT is pretty good about getting things pulled down from the internet, I had searched for some unrelated info once IIRC and couldn’t find out anything, but it was a extremely limited run of their best trigger the “Diamond“ but released in gold. They didn’t last but a few minutes and had some...