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    Post your Spotting scope images!

    Just thought it would be interesting to see how many people would share some of their images through their spotting scopes. Over the years I’ve owned most of the names. I wish I had a place to see a verity of images from both cheap and expensive glass...
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    New bolt action brass catcher

    Filmed Chong, a guy in my squad during our PRS Southwest Regional Qualifier at Avenal this weekend using a brass catcher. This first gen from KET just clips on an off your scope with one simple clip, it is soft and didn’t seem bulky-Seemed to work...
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    Are our Precision Rifles the new AR, complete with Ninja reviews?

    I like ARs and the like, but I also don’t like a lot of the wantabe operator stuff with cheap ass crap screwed everywhere ~ But is Precision Rifle suffering from too much popularity right now and going to end up with many of the shooters just like the...
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    Minox warrantee report - read if you have any concerns!

    I’d like to share my experience with the warranty service that I was provided by what appears to be a partnership with Minox, Blaser USA and CS Tactical. But before I get into why I want to share this, [B][I]it’s important to understand that...
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    Are you my fucking pussy neighbor, or someone else's?

    I am pissed here is my rant: I'll edit this later, but I've lived in my house for 22 years. Yes, before all those much fucking smarter than me moved in. My House is worth about 2M thanks to those dick heads moving in. These panty waists need to...
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    Tips & Tricks, from Tripods to Stage Examples for - UKD Team Field Match or Hunting

    Thank you!! That was smoking fast - Officially full almost 10 months in advance -- Sign up for the waiting list. [ATTACH type="full"...
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    Lowlight’s wind is no BS

    Just left Denver Airport.. driving or trying to anyway up I-70 on the way to Wyoming.. I am from the West, so no stranger to high wind.. But @Lowlight isn’t shitting about the wind out here.. Had...
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    PRS Match SouthWest Regional series NRL22 Match the night before

    Avenal (Central California) NRL22 Match the night before [B] [URL...
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    What a fuck, Sean Penn wants full Military Control in the US.

    I think the title says it all.. Sean Penn on CNN wants full Military control and intervention in the US. What fuck does Hollywood and the elite not get about the Constitution? Fuck the little guy, fuck anyone who is not in my circle seems to be his view.
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    ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!!! PRS- California Sharpshooter Showdown now at Avenal Central California

    Hosted by Avenal - Central California If you are on the fence, register only 2 SPOTS LEFT Registration for the 2020...
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    My arm-board strategy for a field match, what do you use?

    Shooting field matches, I have noticed most people just write down their dope top to bottom or near to far. While I see notebooks, arm-boards, rifle-dope cards, and tripod clipboards, very few shooters create a hasty terrain map. If the FOF is...
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    WTF did you do?

    I struggled a bit about posting this, but I think no matter how you feel about my actions there is a lesson here somewhere. A guy some of us have shoot matches with was just arrested for murder the last weekend....
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    A true artist amongst us!! @HogsLife

    Our very own Hide member HogsLife ex sniper and amazingly talented artist made me my second wallet for my son. The workmanship really is top-shelf. Both wallets belong on the wall. I asked for a similar design as the first...
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    Merry Christmas Hide!

    Thanks to all merry Christmas and happy new year