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    List of Shooting Ranges/Clubs?

    Is there anywhere on this forum that keeps an updated list of ranges/clubs for those of us looking for a place to shoot? I'm having a hard time locating a range in my area, Greenville SC.
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    First ladder test. Looking for suggestions.

    Haha I suppose you're right. I did get a little over zealous with my increments. For some reason I thought there would be more vertical dispersion. So maybe more increments would mean more refined data. I think 500 or 600 yards would do me better.
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    First ladder test. Looking for suggestions.

    I'd also like to know about what velocity 42.4 grains gets me out of this setup. A ballpark answer will do.
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    First ladder test. Looking for suggestions.

    Hi all, I shot this ladder test at 300 yds from the prone off of a bipod and rear bag. I'm looking for suggestions on best starting place for further load development. I think the most consistency is around 42.4 and 44.0 grains, but I think that 42.4 may not be getting the most out of the .308...
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    First time out with my FN SPR

    Nice rifle. Good shooting too. Congrats
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    Building a rifle for the wife..............and me

    .223 <--------------------------------->.243<----------------------------->7mm08 (All readily available) Less expensive/less recoil <--------------------------------> Better hunting application/increased range Decide
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    Palmetto State .308 Fed.175 OK with head stamp of 1974?

    I'm thinking OP misread 14 for 74.
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    Starter Weapon System

    If you want the longer distance you mentioned (800,900,1000) then you should go with .308 over .223. I haven't heard of a 1000 yard .223. 600 yards may be about the best you can do with a .223, though I'm not the expert. But there are many different calibers available that can do what you're...
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    260 Rem

    I'm going through the same thing with my .308. I had a Remington 700 ltr that shot really well until I completed my "upgrades" as shooters tend to do. I first tuned the trigger to about 2.5 lbs. The decided to upgrade the stock, bottom metal, barrel..... Now it's a completely different gun...