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    PX Questions on Repeat

    @Diver160651 I share your story, Jim. I don't have anywhere near the information to offer as you do, or perhaps my experience is not in the areas that folks are seeking assistance. I sure try to pitch in often in the reloading and equipment forums. I have benefitted from your tripod and field...
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    SOLD WTS/WTT Benchmade 810 Contego

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    GUI Interfaces on Future Kestrel Ballistics Units

    @ranchrider80446 How far is your maximum intended shooting range? If under 800 yards, and no wind meter required the Sig 3000 is a good system. It uses the BDX app to connect to your phone (GUI), the onboard solver matches both my Kestrel and Shooter apps w/in 0.1 mil at all ranges and its...
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    GUI Interfaces on Future Kestrel Ballistics Units

    My GUI is the Kestrel phone app. This ^^^ is how I use mine. The kestrel (on a tripod) is an external bluetooth connected sensor. They're still pretty light.
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    Mini PRS Comp

    This is a really good idea for new shooters on a KYL. Each impact is worth a point, hit to move to next target. It is limited by the number of rounds in their magazine as you said in the initial brief. Another idea - it seems several of these stages are same/similar. Consider a "zero...
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    Precision Rifle Gear Tripod head stability

    There are many of us waiting for this item. If/when it comes about, they will sell a bunch of them! Meanwhile, I suffer through with a leveling base and a regular ball head as needs dictate.
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    Reloading Equipment WTT 400 69gr SMKs

    Would be interested in purchasing if you decide to sell. I dont' have any of your trade items, except a very few of the 88 eld (less than 30).
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    Podcast nuggets

    Good info here. Thanks.
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    How the BIden admin made sure texans froze to death

    Just gonna leave this here.....
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    MOA vs Mil

    Education freebie...... Here is your Original Post.... I bolded the question you asked (even with incorrect punctuation), as it is the salient point of the post. Here is your most recent post..... If you were only making a point, then start a thread that makes such a statement and doesn't ask...
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    MOA vs Mil

    As if by example.... You guys still don't understand. He doesn't have a reticle at all. This "scope" is just a tube taped to the top of a rifle. T.P. roll left-overs from the earlier pandemic panic. With all this extra stock.....
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    MOA vs Mil

    As my old preacher used to say..... and some are educated beyond their intelligence.
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    MOA vs Mil

    No wonder I'm lost.... I'm still looking for that UK nation amongst the European countries.
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    Shooter App for iPad still active?

    Mine seems to work. Just checked it out.
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    This this vintage caliper set acceptable for measuring case dimensions?

    Also very true of micrometers, and most other instrument that have a human interface. One reason to keep the thimble clean and lightly lubed. Those without a slip type thimble are very sensitive to varying pressures. Good point, and thanks for the reminder. Also, a good "thin" lube that is...