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    S&B PMII Dual CC 1-8x24 and Vortex Razor Gen3 1-10x24

    Gentlemen, I have finally posted up the bulk of my impressions on these two scopes. It is split between three videos. The first one is a very long livecast where the first half hour or so is mostly me talking about the scopes and then there is a...
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    SHOT 2019

    This time around, I will be there for the duration of the show since I found a reason to be there on behalf of my dayjob in addition to my side gig of writing about optics. If you anyone wants to meet at SHOT, please PM me and we'll work something...
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    Starting a new review series

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    A thought exercise of sorts

    http://opticsthoughts.com/?p=2162 ILya
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    Parallax vs Image Focus

    I saw a thread on here a few days ago with a discussion on parallax vs image focus, so I figured that is a good subject for another video. I tried to explain it the best I could. If it does not make sense, I can give it another shot...
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    US Optics Foundation series

    It appears that US Optics is persisting with US made scopes. It seems they renamed B-series into foundation series. Some cosmetics are different. I do not know if there are any internal changes to mechanics or optics. FOV specs appear to be the...
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    SHOT 2020

    Who is going to SHOT next month? Every year I try to meet with a few people at SHOT, but cell phone connectivity there can be pretty crappy, so it gets iffy. This time around, as I put together my SHOT schedule, I am going to try to allocate time to...
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    Tangent Theta Updates: 3-15x50 Hunter et al

    Just a quick update: I talked to the folks at Tangent Theta and it looks like they resolved all the outstanding engineering hurdles they had, so the scope is now undergoing lifecycle testing. They may want to tweak something as a result of that, but...
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    New High End Tactical article

    As I have mentioned in the past, I am kicking off a new High End Tactical article as scopes I need for that are trickling in. The scope of what I am going to do with it changed a little, so here is the jist of it. 56mm scopes: I have a Tangent Theta...
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    Reticles for Meopta Optika 6 scopes.

    First, a disclaimer: I do not work for Meopta and do not have any decision power as far as which reticles they will use. However, they people I know at Meopta are willing to take market feedback into consideration, so here is a list of Optika 6 scopes...