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    V seven Rifles?

    Also their CS is absolutely stellar, I've had a few odds and ends issues over the years and ended up getting new replacement parts within days. Really great company.
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    V seven Rifles?

    I bought my first V Seven ultralight rifle back when they were relatively new, I think it's serial 400 or so. Since then I've done a bunch of builds using all of their parts, both ultralight and EX. They've all been awesome, the LW stainless barrel profile they have is very light but accurate. I...
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    Optics sold: Tangent Theta 3-15x50 TT315M

    Excellent condition 3-15x50 TT315M, had this mounted on a 308 bolt gun + M10 rings and fired a few times out at the range. Spent the rest of the time I've owned it back in the box. MRAD, GEN2 MilDot. Zero issues, no ring marks or scuffs to the anodizing. Illumination tested. Original box...
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    Optics SPF: Schmidt & Bender ShortDot Dual CC 1-8x24 LPVO

    *sold* S&B ShortDot Dual CC for sale. Great condition, I've only ever had this at the range shooting paper mounted to a 16" rifle off a rest. MDR-T6 reticle with the MTC turrets. A few small marks to the anodizing on the knobs but overall in excellent condition and perfect working order. I...
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    Rifle Scopes SHTF LPVO?

    I've been through the "what's the best lpvo" testing over the last couple years and currently own 3 of the higher end ones. I've yet to try the atacr 1-8. I currently have two Kahles 1-6 (sm-1 and 3gr,) a S&B dual CC, and the new gen III razor. I like them all for different reasons. I think my...
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    Optics No longer available**WTS Minox ZP8 1-8x24 MR10+

    I had a question about the vintage of this scope, was purchased new from a dealer in May of 2019
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    Optics No longer available**WTS Minox ZP8 1-8x24 MR10+

    Minox ZP8 1-8x24 MR10+ Excellent used condition, light use on a 5.56 range gun. Some light marks to the tube anodizing from being mounted in a Geissele and then Scalarworks mount, otherwise perfect. All paperwork and accessories in the original box. $1900 shipped Priority 2 day with signature...
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    Sold- Tangent Theta 5-25x56MM Gen3 XR

    Scope is sold, thanks!
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    Sold- Tangent Theta 5-25x56MM Gen3 XR

    Nearly brand new TT525P Gen3 XR. I purchased this from CST end of 2018 when the Gen3 reticle first launched. I had this mounted to a low recoil GAP rifle (.308) and only took it to the range a few times. No marks of any kind on the scope, it was mounted in American Rifle M10 non marring rings...
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    Geissele Super 700?

    I received my replacement two stage trigger this week. I used it a bit before sending it back because of the recall, the break on the second stage is really nice.. but I feel like the take up during the first stage is much too long before you hit the 2nd stage wall. I'd like to try converting...