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    WTS/WTT MDT ACC 700SA W/ weights, Grips, and accessories (Trade for Foundation Genesis/Exodus Impact Inlet)

    I have a Grey Cerakote MDT ACC R700SA inlet w/ Bag Rider, Interior weight kit, 3 sets of exterior weights, MDT Vert Grip and a fatter OBi 3D Printed grip Total comes to $1438 minus taxes. Has seen a few matches but very clean. Ship for $1250 or trade for Foundation Genesis or Exodus (Preferably...
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    NEW XRS Chassis from MDT - Crossover Rifle Stock

    Looks a little "Archangel" to me....?
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    Barrel speed up after/during break-in

    Most of it is due to lot to lot variation in barrel steel. Components is a 2nd factor, but I've crossed over to multiple barrels using the same lot of components numerous times. Yes a current barrel spiked up then settled back down. once it flatlines I load dev and move on with life.
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    Barrel speed up after/during break-in

    Different barrels/cartridges with different characteristics... 243 win XCaliber 80-90fps 6 Creed in XCaliber Cryo Treated barrels I saw as much as 120fps when they finally settled down XCaliber Cryo Treated 6.5x47 50-60fps Hawk Hill 6.5x47 I saw it speed up and then settle back down maybe like...
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    Over scoping a precision rifle?

    Most find themselves between 12x-20x in match settings and only use the higher magnification when required. Small targets or shooting 100yds zero etc. On that set up I'd go with something that has a smaller overall profile like a 4-16 ATACR or on the low end Bushnell DMR PRO. A good holdover...
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    Cans, Brakes, Impacts & Trace

    My experience in watching trace as the shooter is that it all depends on environmental conditions. Even with my 22br I can only see it very well in the right conditions.
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    Cans, Brakes, Impacts & Trace

    Brakes: Notes: 1. Shorter recoil impulse makes it feel like "less recoil" 2. Easier to spot especially in awkward positions or when laxed fundamentals aren't implimented 3. Shorter overall length, easier to manipulate 4. Concussive blast disturbs some shooters 5. Shooting from inside pipes or...
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    .22 br

    you'll want to freebore to run the heavy long 85grs+ class projos.
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    2020 Thoughts, Need Some insight

    I've heard USO is replacing the B-Series. Also heard the engineer that built the B-Series is launching his own Optics company at SHOT.
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    NF ATACR parallax

    The numbers are just there to make you feel good. They will never match on any scope due to all the variables that consist with parallax. Lighting, environment, Glass tolerances, manufacturing tolerance, etc. They will literally never match perfect on any scope.....
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    What happened to USO?

    Frank are you saying even the B-Series is being made in China?
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    What happened to USO?

    I have a B25 being built currently. I had a 50% off cert and they added my mil discount to it as well. Hoping for a good experience as I am in NC as well and like using local companies when I can.
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    Weather meter - need help!

    Budget option GeoBallistics App and the Weatherflow meter, 2 devices, but drop data is just as accurate as the kestrel. The kestrel is a little easier to get wind info from. I used a Kestrel for the first time over the weekend and it was very nice not to have to worry about getting my phone...