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    ALWAYS WEAR EYEPRO or what happens when you shoot a 6.5 CM rd in your 260

    Went shooting with some guys from church about 10 years ago. We were at one of the guy's property and his private range. I put my .308 on the bench and had a few boxes of ammo stacked next to it (168 FGMM if I recall). One of the guys laid his 30-06 hunting rifle next to mine, and stacked his...
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    New Member from N. Virginia

    Welcome! From NOVA as well. I usually shoot over at Peacemaker. You're welcome to come out sometime.
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    Home depot and Lowe's in my area have been sold out of freezer's for a month. When I looked on Craigslist a couple weeks ago the only option within 50 miles of me was someone selling a used 5ct ft chest freezer for $400. Food scare definitely got people panic buying....
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    Busting Pigs With Budget Thermal

    Nice. What model scope are you running?
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    The markets definitely seem to be disconnected from "reality" right now. The best explanation, IMHO, is all the government and central bank actions the last 6 weeks. I don't think it will hold stock market values up forever though. Remember back in 2008, the bailout bills and such were passed...
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    Easter 2020 Sales - List Them Here

    Cabela's had the original Havak's on sale for about 30% to 40% off depending on model. A few Havak Bravo's left last I checked
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    Zero Compromise all do all optic on market??

    If my S&P shorts turn out how I think they will in the next month or two, then I might just be able to get one....
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    Over/Under timeline before looting/breakins start?

    I live in Northern Virginia. What's being talked about here is he fired a warning shot, and possibly fired as they were running out the store. Thus, his life was not in danger. Sucks, but from sounds of it might be a unlawful use of force.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    HB961, the VA AWB, was passed over this morning until next year for a comission to study the issue. We beat it for now. But, they'll absolutely be back next year with the same bill.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Source Is someone I know that is on the ground spearheading the fight for our rights. Can't name him, but i trust him.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Rumor is NRA could be trying to cut a deal with the democrats in Richmond....
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    Figured Stock Blanks

    Beautiful stocks. True craftsmanship
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    VA HB 961 Bans Silencers

    Sure he did. That's why he had a plan to move to Fort Valley, VA and live low if the U.S. lost the revolutionary war.
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    Va Gun Confiscation Looming!

    Sen. hanger is a republican but has been openly supportive of gun control. Sen. Norment (republican, and minority leader) has also recently said some gun control bills will get republican support. To my knowledge, the Democrat Senator that won by the closest margin is Sen. Bell, my new State...