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    Favorite Aerosol Gun Oil/Lube

    I’m with you I like to also keep a can of aerosol lubricant in my range bag. Of late I’ve been using the Lucas products and have been very happy with them
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    Minneapolis settles with Floyd family for 27 million

    A settlement does not equal admission of guilt. Typically as in Nearly 100% of the time a settlement requires a release that specifically states no admission of guilt. I do this stuff for a living. This is a clear wrongful death case. Just as many of you were familiar with the OJ trial back in...
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    Getting out of the medical field

    Doc, just something to consider based on your background. I’ve worked in and around the auto insurance world for about 20 years now. I left working for a big insurance company about three years ago and now work for a plaintiffs Attorney. people with your skill set are in high demand on both...
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    Training PCP air rifle?

    Super hard to find Crosman Mar177 uses a national match quality Walter Lothar Barrel and 10 shot rotating clip and mates to milspec AR lower
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    New member from TX

    Welcome from North Texas
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    No arca rail, doomed?

    Honestly I’m not sold on arca for shooting and here is why on many occasions I’m just as likely to throw my game changer on my tripod and shoot of of the bag. now what I do love my arca mount for also on a tikka tac a1 is in my shop. Honestly I don’t put my rifle on my gun bench anymore. I clip...
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    Recommendations for a knife set

    Honestly the specific knife is less important than how you use it, what are you cutting on and how do you plan to sharpen it and what is your willingness level to work towards keeping an edge. I think this is the functional equivalent to when guys come On The hide and ask what the best caliber...
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    New from North Texas

    Been a member out at Jacob’s Plains for 4 years now. Great range lots of great people and really good shooters out there. Just shot my first match last month out there it was a great experience would highly recommend anyone who has even been thinking about it to just give it a try
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    Help choosing my .264 caliber chambering

    6.5x284 is a laser. It is also a barrel burner personally I love the 6.5x55. Why it’s over a 100 years old and that’s cool and I love my M96. But in a modern action loaded to its potentially it is every bit a creedmoor or 260 and some. And check out the price of 6.5x55 lapua brass compared to...
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    New from North Texas

    Man you are not kidding. Been here 6 years now and it is literally a new city
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    New from North Texas

    Welcome from Melissa, TX
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    outdoor security cameras

    If you can get WiFi to the area I can not suggest Wyze cameras more highly. They are cheap, they work, you can do cloud storage or local. you can get powered units that run off usb cables. I have a couple like this and what I did was put in a light socket USB adapter to plug them into my spot...
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    Spotters Spotting Scope Recommendations - Old man edition

    Awesome idea. I just grabbed mine and had no issues connect 4 devices to it. (All apple products spanning about 6 years in age). I did have a very very early iPad that is so out of date I could not run the software. It does require an App to be downloaded which is free and you can certainly have...
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    2 barrels which caliber for each

    I currently am running a Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5 creedmoor. Outside of it being typically tikka slow it has been flawless and accurate but the barrel has some mileage. I currently am sitting on two 6.5 blanks 1st is a 26” Bartlein 5r 6.5 M24 LH gain twist 1-8.25-7.5 2nd is a 26”...
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    ATTN. VETS: 3M Lawsuit Over Earplugs!

    Yes and no. Obviously when your talking about injuries a doctor is going to be the expert. Their medical records are basically the evidence that will be presented. now a defense attorney can dispute the claims of a doctor and they would do so by having their own expert (doctor of the same...