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    Suppressors Condensation causing pressure spikes?

    I had something similar to this happen to me the other day. I have a new 22 creed I did some ladder tests to find pressure with a couple powders the other day, then loaded some test loads. The loads and rifle had been in my garage where the lows at night had been getting into the teens and it...
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    High end scale question

    Changing the size of the kernels changes the burn rate properties of the powder and is extremely dangerous. Don't do that.
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    High end scale question

    Are you being serious?
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    Barricade stop that mates to front action screw area of bottom metal

    I remember quite some time ago, somebody on here had a prototype for an add on barricade stop that fit into the front screw hole of badger bottom metal and replaced the front screw with a longer one. I can't remember the name or who was making them. Did they ever go to production and are...
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    Rifle Scopes Kahles Optics Info and Updates Thread

    Any specific dates for a release of the moa 6-24.
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    Rifle Scopes New Steiner T5Xi Tactical Rifle Scopes

    Also why the wait until 2015 for the moa versions? I like the looks of that 3-15.
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    Rifle Scopes New Steiner T5Xi Tactical Rifle Scopes

    Where are these built in the US? I'm guessing it is CO, but is it at the Burris facility, or does Steiner have their own facility there?
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    When/Why use an Expander die?

    I use them for several operations. The most important is creating a false shoulder for proper headspace when firing new brass for the first time. I use a mandrel on size up, so .277 if I'm loading .264 caliber. Then neck down part of the neck at a time until my bolt will just close with some...
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    Rifle Scopes Tangent Theta - Professional Marksman

    So they took the premier, tweaked a few things and raised the price $1000??? Where does that $1000 increase come from? Most of the scope design was already done, so it can't be from r&d.
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    Hunting & Fishing Western KS Muley '13

    I have been contemplating gaining residency so I can buy a lifetime and then move back home. The mule deer hunting is that good!
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    Hunting & Fishing Western KS Muley '13

    Congrats! Those are three fantastic bucks. I got to hunt KS muleys for the first time this year. It was a blast, and I could not believe the number of quality bucks we were able to find. I missed a really big buck and ended up killing a decent buck on the last day. Are you a KS resident, or...
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    How to get more shoulder bump... Cam-over already maxed!

    All of this talk about shimming the shellholder sounds like a great way to induce run out to your sized brass. There is a reason these pieces are precision ground. Take it to a gunsmith or a machine shop and have them take off the exact ammount of material that you want. Then you can set your...
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    Shoulder won't bump

    I have had several sets of redding dies that were too long and would not bump the shoulders. I always just bought a spare shell holder and had 10 thousandths surface ground or machined off the top and always left that shell holder in the box with that particular die set. Usually color them with...
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    Super Chrono?

    Is there anybody out there running one of these super chrono's that rifles only is selling? I haven't seen any reports so far from anybody.