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    White influences in American culture???

    Apparently being polite, respecting authority, rational thinking, working for what you want, and thinking two parent families are best is a white thing that has been forced on people of color. Give me a f'n break! H
  2. quietmike

    SCOTUS approves military funds being used for wall

  3. quietmike

    Sex strike!

    Alyssa Milano, and several other lefty celeb women have proposed a "sex strike" to protest Georgia's "heartbeat bill" Liberals not breeding is the best news I've heard since November 2016...
  4. quietmike

    Californians are the dumbest people in the US

    A new study shows that 53% of Californians would leave the state if they could. I guess they're too dense to realize changing their voting habits would change their state? Liberals are literally like locusts, devouring the resources of an area, ruining...
  5. quietmike

    If you were in charge of the US, what would change?

    If you were in charge, and any ideas you had became law, without worrying about Congress, what would you do?