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    Reloading Equipment WTB 7mm 150-162 grain bullets

    I have 400 ish hornady a max same lot 162
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    SOLD FP PEQ 15

    I’ll take it
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    SOLD WTB BE Meyers m249 5.56 flash hider

    That brake saved a friend of mines life!
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    Accessories 300 blk in stock

    For those needing 300 blackout they have some good hunting rounds in stock
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    Accessories 308 FGMM 175

    200 round case federal Gold metal 175 smk. 500.00 shipped
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    Accessories 308 175 FGMM 1k rounds

    Yes yes I hate the prices too, I bought them last week for this price and am selling because I realized I did the same thing more times than I thought but since I spoke for them I took them!
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    Accessories 308 175 FGMM 1k rounds

    I have 5 200 round cases 500 each
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    SOLD Manners EH1 rem 700 sa

    What barrel contour and what action is it bedded to
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    Firearms Rock River Arms 1911

    Well dang 3 rd if the slip
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    Firearms Remington 700 SA Action/Bolt 308 face, M40A3/M40A5

    If sale falls through I’ll take it.
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    Optics SOLD Kestrel 5700 with Hornady 4DOF

    I’ll take one if you still have it.
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    Why aren't the Fury 5000 binos more popular?

    I bought a set. At first light and last light they are lacking. I bought the new Leica he 300 when they were on sale for 1999 andhave compared them for about 20 total hunting days. The range finder is about the same. The glass is in real lacking. Save your money.
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    Accessories 4 NIB Accurate Mag 5 rd 338 lm

    Thought I would go this way in a 338 and changed my mind. 2 still in plastic 2 out but all 4 never used. 70 bucks each shipped.