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    Minneapolis settles with Floyd family for 27 million

    George must have been a very valuable member of society.
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    Surgeon .223 AI LRI

    Just received the barreled action back from LRI. It’s a .223 AI on a Surgeon action. Bartlien 8 twist. 5-20 Ultra Short H 59. TT Diamond with factory settings. Murphy Precision Titanium rings. Will dial it in...
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    New Biden Statement

    Anyone see Creepy Joe’s latest fubar? He stated to protesters that the police should be shooting them in the legs when they are “unarmed and approaching the police with a knife.” I think that is how he handled cornpop.😂
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    It’s seatbelt season again.

    In the never ending quest for federal dollars, you are once again going to be subjected to increased surveillance regarding the utilization of your seatbelt for the week surrounding Memorial Day. Social distancing will take a backseat to social...
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    Trail Cam Thread

    Anyone interested in a Trail Cam thread? I’ll post a few and see if anyone has interest.
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    Figured Stock Blanks