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    DLC Coating on Defiance Machine Deviant

    That is who Defiance used for DLC in the past. From what I understand, the wait times got too long and they couldn’t afford to keep the customer waiting. Defiance now offers nitride only through H&M. I shoot for Defiance btw.
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    Defiance finish

    Defiance could send it in for Nitride or you can send it to H&M. Defiance stopped offering the DLC for various reasons.
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    Trying to true a ballistics chart in Ballistic AE

    You can true velocity by adding your actual DOPE. Click on the arrow to the right of the muzzle velocity section.
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    Central Florida Members?

    Haha! I won’t be able to shoot there since I am headed back to Las Vegas in the next few weeks. Movers already packed all my stuff.
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    21st Century Expander Mandrels

    Yes, they do. I use them in my Sinclair die.
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    Barnes match burner 6.5cm 140gr / h4350

    I shot those at around 41.6-41.8gr. Speed was around 2805 from a 24” barrel
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    Arizona PRS style matchs

    Check out the AZLRPRS Facebook page.
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    Manners Colors - Actual Pics?

    Just got my TCS in today in High Plains camo W/high gloss.
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    Manners Colors - Actual Pics?

    I have the same TCS camo w/High Gloss on order. I’m at 6 1/2 months waiting so far. I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.
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    Manners Colors - Actual Pics?

    You can call them and tell them what color combo you want. That is Robert Brantley’s camo.
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    Manners Colors - Actual Pics?

    left to right. Midnight, Sage Flats, Monroe, Scorched Earth, Swamp Camos
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    Ruckus vs deviant

    For the short actions (Medium) that I purchase, I usually end up requesting a .697 diameter bolt. However, I would ask Defiance as I think that they may be doing that standard now. @Defiance Machine may be able to answer that here.
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    Ruckus vs deviant

    The Ruckus has less customizable options than the Deviant. Both are made from the same material, but the difference lies on how the bolt is made. The Ruckus bolt is made in one step, whereas the Deviant bolt takes about 11 steps to make. That single step for the Ruckus bolt allows Defiance to...
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    Ballistics AE app question

    Not sure if this helps: Ballistic AE video