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    TriggerTech 2 stage Diamond - Safety Check -- KRG BRAVO Chassis

    I made this post as a Heads Up because I knew it would show up more and more with the new TT 2stage being in demand. Glad it helped others.
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    Rifle Scopes What am I missing with my scope rings

    The cross bolt in the slot of the rail doesn't fit? Read up here: The Picatinny rail is very similar to the Weaver design, but they do not exactly interchange. The Weaver mounting rails have slots that are .180” wide and...
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    KRG Bravo accept AW mags?

    AW mags do not "Center Feed" they are offset. I believe all other styles are Center feed? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    A New Low by Fake News Against Trump

    lol nice try shill. go back to reddit and circle jerk over there where you face no push back.
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    Triggertech 2 stage

    Mine is a TL3. Is that close enough?
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    Triggertech 2 stage

    As far as i know, it's a PURELY weight thing. The first stage is very short. Just enough length that you know you're on it, but it's not going to be 0.25" of First stage pull.
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    3.850" CIP AICS LA Mags - Am I doing this Right?

    Hey Josh, I ended up using shorter CIP mags as the Full Length were allowing the round nose to dip as the case head passed the "Center" tipping point on the spring. In longer rounds, that's not an issue because by the time the head passes the Spring tipping point, the nose of the bullet is...
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    Triggertech 2 stage

    I got the Diamond and honestly, even at the "Default midrange" setup it comes in, it felt good. If I did it again, I'd probably save the money and get the Special version and just take it down to 8oz/8oz. I really doubt I have my Diamond set below 8/8 but it's possible I've got stage 1 at...
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    Shot-to-Shot Variation in Muzzle Velocity (MV) and Ballistic Coefficient (BC)

    I prefer to use Single Data Points. - SD-0, ES-0. Pefrtecion.
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    Florida Range

    Manatee Gun & Archery Club 1805 Logue Rd, Myakka City, FL 34251 (941) 322-0055 This is the only 1k yrd range I know of in FL. I am sure there are others but that's the one I know of.
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    Rear bag recommendations

    I just got my Tabgear Small w/Heavy fill. Not very heavy. Not very small. To me it's a good size. I don't think I'd want anything too much larger for a rear bag. Was originally worried it'd be too heavy and too small. Don't think so. It'll do for $30 shipped.
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    Securing an interior wall

    Unless you're solid, reinforced Concrete and THICK, you're not gonna stop the inevitable. I have a "Secure" room that's a small locked room. It is 100% only secure from smash/grab. I recommend the decoy route. An old milsurp $100 rifle in a strange calibre. A cheap ass $50 revolver with no...
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    Rear bag recommendations

    Just bought a TAB gear small heavy. If you wait until monday I'll give you my opinion.
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    Don't blame the rifle...

    I use a Gem Pro 250 that I've had for at least 10 years. Weighs up to 771grains in .02grain increments. Not sure what the newer version is called now adays.
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    Don't blame the rifle...

    Grams or grains? 1 gram is like 15.4 grains. So a 154gr bullet weighs about 10 grams