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    300 Norma Neck Bushing Size

    300NM Improved 335 neck bushing then used a 304 mandrel. Now that brass is fireformed I’m loading up test loads with different mandrels from 21ST Century to see what neck tension it likes. I’m shooting 230 Berger’s Parker
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    Optics ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 FS

    Fowlmaster got it. PMing you now. Parker
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    Optics ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 FS

    ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 with Tenebraex caps and ZCO rings of you choice for sale. The scope is at Ryan Pierce’s (Piercision Rifles) shop. Was changing rings and decided to try a Theta, so this scope is FS. Exactly 100 rounds fired using this scope. You can mail him or myself the funds. Then he will...
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    New press announcement from Area 419

    Completely agree that area 419 has changed the game with the Zero. I’ve had mine for 10 days now and love it. Makes you wonder why no existing press manufacturer did this (or even attempted to) many years ago. Innovation always comes at a price. But it’s great regardless, as it will move the...
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    New press announcement from Area 419

    Just received tracking. Says delivery Wednesday (Dallas). Shipping weight 34.5lbs! Parker
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    New press announcement from Area 419

    #89777 here. Can’t wait! Parker
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Dillon Case Feeder

    Looking to buy a Dillon case feeder. PM me if you have one that’s available. Parker
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    New press announcement from Area 419

    Is there an update on when the first batch will ship? Can’t wait. Parker
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    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    I have had 0 failures in my Tikka 223. I have had a huge percentage of failures in my Bighorn TL3 6.5CM. Even after changing out firing pin and spring. I switched the 6.5 to Federal 205s And have had zero failures, and was able to go back to original firing pin and spring. Using the CPS for...
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    Reloading Equipment CCI 450s/FGMM 168s/175 SMKs/300B0 Ammo for trade for Federal or CCI SRP

    I’ve got up to 5k CCI 450s to traded for non-magnum Federal or CCI Small Rifle primers All primers are same lot number. Will not sell. I’m looking for Small Match Rifle Primers or Small Rifle Primers. Also have 308 175 SMK bullets I can trade. Or FGMM 168s Or 300 Blackout loaded Ammo, 200...
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    Modifying A&D FX-120 Draft Shields

    I cut the front by drawing a line with a sharpie, then traced beside the lines with an exacto knife. I started tracing with light pressure and increased pressure as I went on. Probably traced 30-40 times. Then I flipped the plastic over and broke it that way. The break was clean. I did not use...
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    AutoTrickler placement on loading bench

    I got really sick of my press slowing down the AT or causing it to overthrow. So I put this black bench on casters that also have feet that screw down to firmly lock it in place. Then put the press on that. When I’m not reloading I can just move the press bench out of the way for more room. Or...
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Re: Good Guy List Kamikaze (Matt Prall) is g2g!
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    Dillon XL650 Vs Hornady LnL Vs RCBS 2000

    Re: Dillon XL650 Vs Hornady LnL Vs RCBS 2000 <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: rotts4u</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The Hornady is closer than I thought in the poll</div></div> That's likely only due to marketing and price. I find it very...
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    Dillon XL650 Vs Hornady LnL Vs RCBS 2000

    Re: Dillon XL650 Vs Hornady LnL Vs RCBS 2000 problem was on 308.... Parker