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    Fellow Texans, whacha gonna do?

    When Bobby Francis O. comes for your guns? There is something going on. I was out doing yard work the other day and noticed a car slowly driving down our street and the driver would stop and seemingly take a cell phone pic of every house with a Trump...
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    Why the F are we importing lumber?

    So I'm finishing up trimming out the interior of my workshop/man cave and needed a bunch of 8 foot 1x2's. so go to Home Depot cause it's close and load up a bunch, As I start cutting them to my needs on my chop saw I noticed the sku tags on the ends...
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    Happy Dad's day

    So have a good one all my fellow fathers. I'm sous viding and grilling steaks and making twice baked taters. how about you?
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    John Bolton

    Anybody else think this guy is an attention whore dickhead? Sorry LL if this is political. Just seems to me if was a true patriot, he would try to change things in a different way.
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    aunt jemima

    So Quaker is caving into the BLM/SJW movement and getting rid of the brand. So why not get rid of the whole Quaker thing cause it's white religious prejudice? Maybe rename it Kunta Kintay oats? :(
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    Israel tells the "squad" to F-off

    These bitches were just looking for a photo op at taxpayer expense anyhow.
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    Is John Bolton a snake?

    Anyone else feel this way about him? He seems like he has a severe case of butt hurt. Always did seem a bit of a loose cannon to me.