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    CNBC still has one guy with a?brain

    In the words of the great Jerry Clower, "She was educated far beyond her intelligence."
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    Berger 215gr 300-WM ... Why so long?

    What is that charge weight?
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    Need info on AI muzzle breaks

    I happen to have a spare AI 18M x 1.5 brake, but it’s off a 338 so I’m guessing it’s a larger thread.
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    Elite Iron Bipods are not for stupid people

    I also ordered Friday. I got an email today saying they were ready to ship but wanted to know what color free hat I wanted, and to tell me they don’t have my phone number on file (?). Will have to call them tomorrow
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    Government malfeasance in suppressing Covid-19 treatments

    Not anymore, it’s not. Tractor Supply pulled it from their shelves and threatened to fire any employee that sold it. Privately owned farm/feed stores probably haven’t pulled it yet though.
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    Victrix Crown, .375 CT first 15 rounds..

    ...which makes a big difference on what those ES and SD numbers mean (not that they aren’t still ok, but for only 5 shots they’re “good”, but not “amazing.” ES of 5 and SD of 2 (m/sec) is roughly 16.4 and 6.6 fps respectively. Very respectable numbers, but a 10-15 shot string will likely see...
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    Don’t you love.....

    Why does your friend want to know if YOU will have a woody that will last for hours, hmmmm?😄
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    Inaccurate Chonograph?

    Good move!
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    Inaccurate Chonograph?

    Lighting is everything with optical chronos. Best results are on overcast days but while there’s still good light available. But even under ideal conditions they can’t hang with Magnetospeed or Labradar for accuracy.
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    Laser cartridge bore sighting

    On a bolt rifle? Why would you need that? Pull the bolt, look down and center the target in the bore, dial scope to center of target, done. I’ve never failed to get on an 18” square paper target on first shot at 100. Actually, I’m very, very careful and I almost always end up dead center on...
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    LABRADAR issues

    Sigh...No, it isn’t.
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    What's Your View II

    “I’ve got TWO and I can’t even get anyone to throw EITHER ONE.”
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    What's Your View II

    A long day full of stuff that ain't supposed to be there... Patient 1 - chewed up an electric blanket - stomach full of wire: Sent to endoscopy to retrieve the wire with a scope and hopefully avoid surgery. She ate the blanket yesterday morning. Right before she was about to go under for the...
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    So close yet.....I bet HillDaBeast is pissed...LMAO

    BAM!!!! Freakin' brilliant observation.