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Estimation of Shot Error due to Rifle Cant 2019-02-08

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With all of the discussion about leveling your optic, I figured I would post a resource to allow any interested party to understand the math/physics behind the worst of the canting errors. This discusses the situation resulting from a canted rifle and a canted reticle that has not been aligned to the fall of gravity.

Hope you enjoy it
Nik H
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Having read the resource twice and found that the phrase that describes me in this case (and a probably unique to the UK) is that I am as thick as two short planks and was lost at the first x, I admit that maths and algebraic equations are far from my strong point, what I did glean from resource will help me with my long range shooting but I think I will have to break the article down in to nibble (not bite) size pieces and spend several hours digesting it and breaking the calculator out.
I have rated it good because once I can get my thick head around the article it will make a huge difference when I am at the ranges.
Never will I look at cant in the same way again I have even bought scope and rifle levels to help me keep on the straight and narrow, pun intended.
Keep these resources coming because even when I get lost on paragraph one they help me to shoot further and more accurately.
Makes sense
Nice work. Plus, it looks like you used LaTex so you get extra points in my book!
Very clear and concise! Thank you!!
Wow a real eye opener for a Noob like me. thanks.
An eye opener!
It also seems that optics mounting height is almost irrelevant.
Great paper thanks!
Good article. Thanks
Thank you! Very interesting. Did not realize velocity had such an impact
A great introduction to the issue, and why it 'gremlins' seem to appear around 600y when shooting 308. I'd like to know what a 1 and 5 degree angle look like on bubble levels. I'd love to see a second paper on what happens when a rifle is canted to a level scope- ie as you move the rifle around so that it isn't lined up at y=0, how does that affect bullet impact from a 100y zero?