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Estimation of Shot Error due to Rifle Cant 2019-02-08

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Wow a real eye opener for a Noob like me. thanks.
An eye opener!
It also seems that optics mounting height is almost irrelevant.
Great paper thanks!
Good article. Thanks
Thank you! Very interesting. Did not realize velocity had such an impact
A great introduction to the issue, and why it 'gremlins' seem to appear around 600y when shooting 308. I'd like to know what a 1 and 5 degree angle look like on bubble levels. I'd love to see a second paper on what happens when a rifle is canted to a level scope- ie as you move the rifle around so that it isn't lined up at y=0, how does that affect bullet impact from a 100y zero?
Great job. Very concise and to the point. Enjoyed the read.
I'm a rookie long range shooter, I understood clearly, you cant you miss. now I know why. Great read, clearly explained. Thank You
Very informative...practical
Awesome paper