1. C

    Which rifle / Is Christensen any good?

    Looking to buy a hunting rifle for elk and bear. Going with the 7mm caliber. Looking to stay around $1000 for the rifle. There's a Christensen Arms Mesa and a Savage 110 that I've been looking at and was wondering if CA is worth the extra money. Open to other suggestions on rifles in that budget...
  2. B

    Rifle Scopes Complete Noob Here :) All advise is muchly appriciated

    Hello everyone, I'm almost done building my first gun ever and it happens to be a ar-15 chambered in the 5.56 NATO. I have hunted all my life and I consider my self an above average marksman however this is the first time I have ever decided to buy something new, I have always shot my Fathers...
  3. B

    Rifle Scopes $1000 scope budget

    I'm looking to upgrade my Viper 4-12x40 on my SPS-T. I would like some sort of mildot or ranging reticle. I thought about the IOR 3.5-10 and the Mark 4 3.5-10 I really like the IOR reticle. What are the recommended scopes? I have never had a scope over $450, so I'm new to the real scopes. I...
  4. B

    Rifle Scopes .223 scope opinions under $1000

    After avoiding Savage rifles for my entire life, I finally broke down and 10FCP-K in .223. I plan on using this rifle for everything from paper punching to coyote ventilating. Normally I slap Leupold glass on everything I own but given the internet drama that seems to following Leupold I'm...
  5. ms6852

    $1000 budget for rifle only

    I am not a competition shooter, just love shooting 22's out to 200 yds. What would you reccomend for my next toy in 22lr? Would like input from the pros. One grand for rifle only scopes comes later.