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    Rifle Scopes 12x vs. 10x SS

    Quick question to all: How much does the 10x differ from the 12x Super Snipers from SWFA? I have heard that the 10x is a better scope all around, but is the difference really noticeable enough to get one over the other? Is one going to be better over the other in terms of optical clarity...
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    Rifle Scopes max effective range for leupold 12X fixed scope?

    Just wondering what the max range would be with a 12X fixed zoom scope with adjustable objective would be? Hitting 2'x2' plates..... Thanks!
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    Rifle Scopes Redfield 12x?

    Hello again ... I just bought an "A" serialled Remington 700 for its action and it came with a Redfield 12x fixed scope sitting on top. This is definitely a scope from a bygone era that was made in the US of A with target turrets. The scope's in excellent optical condition and has minimal...