1. Victor Co Heather

    Rifle Scopes USO TPAL vs. No TPAL on 17x...

    Search this but no avail... What is the consensus on the TPAL, does it significantly change/dim/distort the view over the Non-TPAL version? I think I want the TPAL version cause I like to check my mirage quickly. What say you?
  2. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Trying to make a decision.... 17x or 22x USO

    I'm putting together a tactical competition rig in 260 AI to shoot out to 1K. I'm almost there in making a decision on a USO SN3 22x scope but I'm hesitating pulling the trigger on it versus a 17x (of which I have experience with). Why should I NOT GO with the 22x?