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  1. S

    Optics Sightron SIIISS1050X60FTIRMH (Does not have Zero Stop)

    I have a gently used Sightron SIII 10x 50 series, it does have light wear , mostly by the turrents from finger use, never dropped. one light scratch mark on rear element, front is perfect. Illuminated MIL Dot with Hash Reticle This is SFP I can send more pictures if requested, Burris Rings...
  2. unoigo

    SOLD Eley Tenex 40g 22lr 500rd Brick

    *SOLD* I have an opened brick of Eley Tenex lot 1019-04210. My Tikka loved it but the Vudoo prefers CenterX. $165 shipped PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks
  3. NashtyGrunt

    Rimfire Sold* Proof Rimx prefit

    18" proof competition contour steel prefit for Zermatt Rimx. Used in good shape. $400 tyd obo.
  4. Cjwise5

    Tested Eley Tenex vs. Practice

    Video up, if you folks are interested. Thanks for watching.
  5. A

    Rimfire *Price drop* CMMG Resolute 100 Mk4 22lr upper with mags and mag adapter

    Almost new, roughly 100 rounds fired through it. A few minor marks due to mounting a scope on it. $570 for upper only. I'm selling it as I wasn't really happy with the accuracy. I had the factory do an accuracy test with it and they got a 1.5" group at 50 yards with standard velocity (target...
  6. B

    Rimfire WTB M&P 22 LR Pistol

    Howdy! Looking for a reasonably priced used M&P 22 LR pistol to supplement training. Open to compact, full sized, threaded, and non-threaded varieties. PM me if you're looking to get rid of one. Thanks! (cross-posted from the general firearms PX)
  7. B

    Firearms WTB M&P 22 LR Pistol

    Howdy! Looking for a reasonably priced used M&P 22 LR pistol to supplement training. Open to compact, full sized, threaded, and non-threaded varieties. PM me if you're looking to get rid of one. Thanks!
  8. Pain92

    Rimfire WTT for a 22lr precision rifle.

    Im looking for a 22lr bolt action precision rifle to get into the 22lr world with as a trainer. Not sure what to look for, back in the day I did have have a Savage TRR and loved it. But want to try something different. For trade I can offer a custom sig P320 with pmm barrel and comp and...
  9. B

    Advice Request for Rifle Takedown Project - 3D Printed

    Hey everyone, I am interested in developing 3D printed takedown chassis for bolt action rifles, and I was thinking to start with a simple Cricket .22. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can acquire a used / broken Crickett or similar .22LR rifle for cheap? I can get one new for $99 but I...
  10. Near miss

    Range report: CCI SV - good lot

    I like to read range reports myself so here is my attempt at it. Been shooting a new CCI SV lot that I bought for €3 ($3.4) a box for some time now and its chrono readings just amaze me. Compared to SK and Lapua lots which I have shot it seems very good. Chrono results, please note that...
  11. marauderx33

    Vudoo V-22 rifle build advice

    Hey folks! I'm close to ordering a Vudoo V-22 in 22 LR and would love some advice to help me nail down the specs. The rifle will be a bit of an all-rounder and is not a trainer for a centerfire rig. I'd like something versatile that is well-balanced and light enough for unsupported shooting...
  12. Z

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Introducing the RimX action from Zermatt Arms. www.rimxaction.com - Remington 700 Footprint - Integral Recoil Lug - Nitrided, chromoly reciever - Nitrided bolt body - DLC Coated Bolt Head - Non-protruding, fixed extractor - 6 o'clock firing pin - Tool-less bolt disassembly - Interchangeable...
  13. C

    Tikka T1x

    Setup: 20 inch stock barrel, MDT LSS-RF chassis, actions screws torqued 30 in-lbs, Scope: Sightron Bigsky, YoDave trigger spring, DIP rail, Limbsaver dampener on barrel end Most groups will be shot from front rest/rear bag sitting but will throw some bipod/prone in as well. Today's best...
  14. K

    My 10 year olds first time behind a bolt gun.

    Little video of my son breaking in his new 16" CZ 455 Precision Trainer. This is his first time shooting a bolt gun so he is still getting used to manipulating the bolt, plus it is brand new and will hopefully smooth out. I am planning to add a new trigger and an oversized bolt knob to hopefully...
  15. KOOutdoors

    Need helping picking out a gun

    I need a semi-auto rimfire. That I can attach an IR laser too. This will be used for night time coyote hunting. The more powerful and larger magazine size the better.
  16. M

    Suppressors WTB can for 22lr mag rated

    I am looking for a 22lr can that is mag rated so I can run it on my 17hmr. I want one for my 556 but I was told that I can get one for my 762 and run it on my 556 as well. I am looking for at this point a 22lr can. if I can run a 556 can on my 22lr then thats the route I would like to take. I am...
  17. T

    SoCal 22LR Precision Rifle Match 090509

    22LR Precision Rifle Match September 5, 2009 Our next monthly 22LR Tactical / Precision Rifle Match of the 2009 season at A Place to Shoot in Saugus, CA will be on Saturday, September 5, 2009. Registration will officially begin at 1100 (however you can come earlier if you like) and the first...
  18. JoeMartin

    How Are You Handling .22LR Availability

    About a month ago I decided to stop checking for the availability of .22LR just about every night on the computer after work. My reasons were that I felt I have enough right now for my shooting purposes, and I found myself thinking more and more of how disgusting this whole ammo shortage is. I...
  19. Mustafa

    Suppressors New SIG .22LR pistols

    Anyone seen or had any experience with the new SIG .22LR pistols? I saw one yesterday at a gunstore in Utah that another customer was taking to the range. He had the P229 model and I was told that the store can order the P226 model as well for about $500. Since I carry a P226 in .40, I was...
  20. B

    New Cooper 57M .22lr pics

    Shot the wad on this Cooper 57M .22LR. I mounted a Leupold 6.5-20X50, EFR in Talley rings. The target at the bottom is from a 25yd rimfire benchrest match. 25 yards seems close but the X ring is about the size of the head of a pin...no shit!! RWS R-50 is the round which seems the best but they...