1. Jonathan DeBoer

    Favorite Rimfire Rifle?

    What is everyone’s favorite rimfire rifle. If you had to pick one what do you pick and why? Tikka T1x CZ 457 10/22 Voodoo RimX Lithgow Bergara I’d probably go for an opt for a voodoo or a tricked out CZ. I’d go for a voodoo for pure accuracy and perfection but I’m a big CZ fan and I think...
  2. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Vudoo V22 Gen 2 Barreled Action For Sale

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Have used for one PRS season. EXCELLENT condition and I take very good care of my equipment. Kukri 20" barrel 2 Mags (1-10rnd, 1-12rnd) 2 Speed loaders Upgraded bolt knob Threaded end with protector No trigger (as comes from Vudoo) Can give you tested Center-x lot number...
  3. rpg777

    SOLD Bergara B14r Complete Setup

    Selling my B14r, because it's responsible for me getting all the way in the money pit that is long-range precision. Seriously, I've owned this for less than a year, and it's taught me more about shooting and piqued my interest in the sport more than any other item in my safe. I love this rifle...
  4. 6gunner

    SOLD 3 Vudoo Polymer mags for sale

    I have 3 Vudoo 10 round 22lr mags for sale. Great shape. $75 shipped. Contact me at sixgunner(AT)yahoo.com
  5. TheRealMongo

    Firearms Vudoo V22 - WTS

    WTS - Vudoo V22 Gen 1 - 22LR Vudoo V22 Gen 1 barreled action 18.5" Kukri Profile - Burnt Bronze 30 MOA scope rail Trigger Tech Special -Single Stage - Flat Shoe KRG Bravo Chassis Tool less LOP upgrade Tool less Cheek riser Whiskey 3 fore end Extended mag release Spigot Hook Bag rider Thread...
  6. aroddc3

    SOLD Bergara B14R and Extras!

    Helping a buddy out so he can save up for his daughter’s quinceañera. Bergara B-14 Trainer .22lr carbon fiber rifle comes with 2 10 rd magazines. Bare rifle with volquartsen muzzle brake $850 shipped. Extras Also Available: - NightForce 40 MOA Base (Rem 700 SA) $90 shipped - Area 419...
  7. fp120

    Firearms Vudoo Rimfire, Manners & Center-X

    Gen 1.5 Vudoo 16” Kukri Timiny Calvin elite trigger Manners MCS stock with quick adjustment upgrade knob Arken EP-4 4-16x50mm Arken halo rings Arken throw lever Arken bubble level 7 Mags - Vudoo Action Bore Guide 419 Bolt Handle 419 Arca rail with barricade stop wiebad stock pad 20moa base 490...
  8. Gunfighter716

    SOLD Cutting Edge 22LR Die Set and 32gr Bullet/Brass Bundle

    Cutting Edge 22LR Die Set and 160/200 Cutting Edge 32gr bullets and brass. Price is $160 shipped.
  9. Gunfighter716

    SOLD WTS: New Zermatt RIMX 22LR Action

    New RH RIMX action in 22LR with 1 mag, tactical bolt handle, and 40 MOA rail. Price is $1125 shipped to your FFL from an individual non-FFL. Not interested in any trades at this time.
  10. Evorg73

    SOLD WTB/ trade for 22lr barreled action

    Hello I’m looking for a barreled 22lr action that is in the 700 ten footprint. Willing to trade an impact 737 action barreled in 6br with fat bastard lll break. Barrel on 6br is 1:7 twist Bartlein barrel with around 2800 on it. Action is Impact 737 right hand smooth as butter. Any interest...
  11. C

    Which 22LR Rifle for plink, precision and possible competition?

    Hello! I’m looking at getting a 22LR for plinking, precision and possibly NRL22 base competition. I’m new to the NRL22 game, but it looks like they increased the base price to $1200… so that’s the budget I’m working with. I’m looking at CZ 457, Tikka, and Bergara. Based on MSRP I think I might...
  12. Rick_gcprifleco

    Anybody Need Vudoo V-22 Left Handed Barreled Actions?? MTU and Kukri profiles. 22' Gen 2 and Gen. 3 360

    We've got some in stock at gcprifleco.com Lone barreled actions for sale, or we could build you something custom, perhaps in a Vision or KRG Bravo chassis..... Thanks! $1870-$1920 for barreled actions. We've got ATS barrel tuners, Timney triggers and accessories too. Still waiting on those...
  13. C

    Firearms CZ 457 / PST Gen 2 / Lilja Barrel / Harris Bi Pod Part Out

    CZ 457 Varmint MTR w/ Stock Barrel (About 750 rounds)/ Area 419 30 Moa Scope Base/ Yo-Dave Trigger Spring Kit/ Victor Company Cheek Riser (2) – 10 Round Mags and (1) – 12 Round Mag and (1) Safety Mag. Area 419 Arcalock 12’’ Flat Dovetail Rail w/ Barricade Block (added Lead for weight/ Balance)...
  14. C

    Rimfire CZ 457 / PST Gen 2 / Lilja Barrel / Harris Bi Pod Part Out

    CZ 457 Varmint MTR w/ Stock Barrel (About 750 rounds)/ Area 419 30 Moa Scope Base/ Yo-Dave Trigger Spring Kit/ Victor Company Cheek Riser / (2) – 10 Round Mags and (1) – 12 Round Mag and (1) Safety Mag. Area 419 Arcalock 12’’ Flat Dovetail Rail w/ Barricade Block (added Lead for weight/...
  15. KeithStone

    SOLD CZ 457MTR 22LR price drop

    As the title states have a new unfired cz457 mtr I’m gonna let go. $775 shipped
  16. Nicholas Baio

    New to Precision 22. Need help!

    Hey everyone, new to the precision 22 scene. As I get older, my hunger for competition is still looming over my life. I am really passionate about firearms and actually just purchased my first 22 at the age of 25! Crazy, right? Very familiar with building ARs and pistols, however, this new...
  17. KeithStone

    SOLD Tikka Tx1 22LR

    As the title states Tikka tx1 with the 16.5” threaded barrel. Never been fired $575 shipped to your FFL. I’ll post some pics tomorrow evening.
  18. Anthony Laversa

    The search for the perfect barrel, and internal ballistics...

    Ok, so I have spent some time researching the ballistic characteristics of the 22LR. I am interested mostly in internal ballistics at this point. I started with some reading on "accuracy" as it relates to velocity and I have come up with an interesting idea I would like to bounce off the...
  19. The4GunGuy


    KSS ATS Tuner. Lightly used. Going to a bull barrel so I don't need a tuner. New these are $200 Selling for $150 which includes shipping to CUS. Paypal Friends and Family only please. Not reducing price and will keep if I don't sell. Thanks!
  20. R

    Starting JR in NLR22 need help

    Been looking at getting my 15yo daughter into NLR22-22X matches. She’s a more competent shooter then most adults. She’s the leading member of her ROTC competition rifle team.. I’m more then a proficient shooter myself and have done a lot of competitive shooting although not in LRP although I...