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  1. Kyle1077

    SOLD NIB Bergara B14R Steel barrel W/ MDT LSS Chassis

    NIB Bergara B14R steel threaded barrel Never mounted or fired W Like New MDT LSS chassis in FDE only marks are a mag being entered into Magwell Will come w a Grip that's been stippled not pictured Sold from individual to FFL included in price FFL to FFL add $25
  2. Kyle1077

    SOLD MDT LSS Chassis

    Bergara B14R 22LR Option 1 - MDT LSS XL GEN 2, NV Hood and MDT SCS = $1500 over $1780 in it Option 2 - MDT LSS in FDE w MDT SCS = $1400 over $1550 in it Option 3 - MDT LSS XL GEN 2 w NV Hood and Magpul PRS Lite Stock = $1300 over $1530 in it Option 4 - MDT LSS in FDE w Magpul PRS Lite stock =...
  3. rpg777

    SOLD PSA AR-15 Complete Upper, CCMG 22lr Kit, PA Scope, Burris Mount

    Been hanging onto this for a while but I don't use it enough to keep it around, even tho it's a super fun little AR plinker package. This is a PSA complete upper (5.56, 16" 1:7 barrel) I bought for my first ever build, plus the complete CCMG 22lr conversion kit, plus a Primary Arms 3-14x44 FFP...
  4. unoigo

    SOLD 22lr Ammo Lapua, SK

    SOLD - 2 Bricks, same lot SK Standard Plus $80 each shipped or $150 for both. Lot: 23255/ 23812 SOLD - 1 Brick SK Rifle Match $100 shipped Lot: 23355/ 13671 SPF - 1 Brick Lapua Center-X $150 shipped Lot: 26554/502706 Not looking to trade. PayPal FF, Venmo or Cash App Posting “I’ll take it”...
  5. myers129

    SOLD CZ 455PT, 20” 22LR

    CZ455 Precision Trainer, 22LR 20” barrel, Manners t4 stock with Matthew’s fabrication cheek riser. In great used shape, a little marking on action around bedding. Shoots SK and Lapua ammo amazing, will contend with my Vudoo any day of the week I just prefer the form factor of my Vudoo better...
  6. Near miss

    CMMG Bravo for training

    Has anyone here experience on the CMMG Bravo 22LR conversion kit? Here is my recent exploration into kits as I just loaned one from my friend. He was able to shoot it very accurately from his DD but in my gun (MR223, LW barrel, Wylde, 16", 7"tw) the results were not quite that good. The goal...
  7. Roach21

    SOLD Remington M541 X 22lr Military target rifle

    Selling a Remington M541 X military target rifle in 22lr. No a lot of info on the out there but from what I gathered a couple thousand of these were made in the 70s and the CMP sold them in the 90s. It is in great shape, not sure the round count, but it isn’t high at all based on the wear on the...
  8. Gunfighter716

    SOLD Vudoo V-22 Three60 22LR Krieger 25" 1.25" Straight w/ TT Diamond 2-Stage

    Vudoo V-22 Three60 22LR RH with Krieger SS 25" 16TW 1.25" Straight and TT Diamond 2-Stage in Excellent condition. Originally built by VGW with a Bartlein 16TW 20" MTU and re-barreled by VGW after 250 rds with the Krieger which now has 322 rds through it. The Krieger has a flat breach with...
  9. phidelt208

    SOLD Vudoo Barreled Action

    Gen 1 Vudoo Action & Barrel Chambered in 22lr 18" Barrel Threaded 20 MOA rail KUKRI barrel profile $1275 Shipped to an FFL
  10. M

    SOLD Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR with Timney Trigger and MDT Grip

    Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Timney 2 Stage Flat Shoe Trigger MDT Grip 25, 15, and 10x Ruger OEM magazine $525 with Timney Trigger and MDT Grip $375 shipped with stock Trigger
  11. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Lapua Center-x

    THIS HAS ALL BEEN SOLD I have 5 boxes of Center-x (2,500 rounds), all the SAME LOT #. Will sell All for $850 or 3 bricks for $510 or 2 bricks for $340...No single brick sales PayPal Friends and Family only please.
  12. Droptinetrader

    Firearms NEW - RH RimX - 23" Krieger 1.25" Straight Chambered by Modacam

    Unfortunately due to life, I am forced to part with my new rifle. Rim X Action Right Hand (never used other than by test firing done by Modacam) Kreiger 23" 1.25" Straight Contour 1/16 Twist Barrel Chambered by Modacam $1,800 from my FFL to yours. Comes with (1) new 10-round magazine and...
  13. M

    SOLD JP Recoil Eliminator $85 shipped (1/2x28 22cal)

    JP Recoil Eliminator (Tank Brake) with 1/2x28 threads for 22 caliber. $85 shipped CONUS
  14. O

    SOLD Rimx barreled action

    26 inch krieger 1/16 twist chamber is cut for Lapua/sk ammo mtu profile recessed crown 30 moa rail 2 10 round mags with one 5 round extension 1900 shipped to your ffl. Do not want to split the package up right now
  15. P

    Vudoo v22 MTU barrel 22lr ammo what ammo

    Hey guys, i have read somewhere that this setup was designed on a specific ammo. I can’t remember where I read it, but i specifically remember reading that there was 1 brand that was most recommended for it? does anyone know which ammo that is?
  16. SkepticalTiger

    Henry Youth H001Y Range Report and Groupings

    Looked around see what groupings people were getting with their henry rifles and the results weren't too satisfactory so while waiting on another barrel to come in for an AR22 project decided some unscientific tests myself. Hopefully this will be useful to someone because I think these rimfires...
  17. B

    Rimfire RimX Prefit 1.25" Krieger/PVA Barrels w/tuner

    Got two brand new never fired RimX Bull Barrels, no issue with them just end up with different direction for my build. 20" 1.25" Krieger 1:16 w/ EC tuner $ 850 shipped or obo 20" 1.25" PVA 1.12 w/11* crown $old PP Friend and Family only
  18. aroddc3

    SOLD TS Customs RimX 22LR Package

    Changing jobs and need some cash. Selling my TS Customs 22LR RimX. This thing hammers and shoots everything well, especially the standard gems: Center-X, SK Long Range and Eley Tenex. Hammers at distance too. Build Sheet attached as well. Only difference is the trigger is a TT special, but...
  19. R

    60gr SS in the BoreBuddy Apogee 16" barrel (22lr 1-12" twist)

    TLDR: Skip to the bolded text at the end for the 60gr SS observations. I went and put a bunch of ammo through two new builds, both with 16.1" Apogee barrels with nitride. The barrels were randomly selected out of inventory. ELR #1 has a 3-18x44 Strike Eagle ELR #2 has a 5-25x56 Venom Both...
  20. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Timney CZ 457 Trigger For Sale

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD Timney CZ 457 trigger Used in 4 matches Switching rifles so no longer need Set to 10oz trigger pull No original box but I'll make sure it's packaged safely $135 shipped to CUS. PayPal Friends and Family only please. Thanks.