1. PRCHunter

    WTB WTB RIM X or Vudoo complete build or barreled action

    Want to buy 22 trainer like ad states. Or would be willing to trade my L3 storm LRF +\- cash for it. Storm will come with - 2x pressure pads - case - lens cover - data plug adapter
  2. S

    SOLD Vudoo V22 22LR RH Barreled Action, GEN 2, 20" MTU Threaded, 60MOA, Large Knob, Practically new! $1500

    For Sale, practically new, less than 100rds Vudoo v22 barreled action-$1500+actual shipping cost with insurance(save $300 and 4-5 months wait) to FFL GEN 2, 20" MTU Threaded, 60MOA rail, Large bolt Knob, Stainless Barrel, Black Action Comes with 2 magazines and 2 extra followers and original...
  3. Droptinetrader

    WTB RimX 22lr Magazines

    Would like to buy 1-3 22lr. RimX magazines (new if possible). At this moment, I believe there is a better chance of finding the lost city of Atlantis, the fountain of youth and winning the Powerball. Please let me know what you have. Thank you
  4. PepperX

    Silencer (can) cover for 22LR

    Have a Dead Air Mask HD22 and am looking for a nice looking can cover for it. I know it doesn't get hot enough to mess with the sight picture through optics. Would be nice to find something quality that I don't have to cut down myself and actually fits the can.

    SOLD WTS - 7 “Like New” Ruger Mark III 22/45 .22LR magazines

    Up for grabs - 7 “Like New” Ruger Mark III 22/45 .22LR magazines. A few of these have never been used. Asking $100 shipped for all seven mags. PayPal or Venmo preferred.
  6. chickon1

    SOLD WTS KIDD Supergrade Complete Build

    $1100 Built this earlier this year for a comp rifle but ended up never using it. I have about 30rds through it. Stock has a vinyl rap on it. Shoots awesome! I also have a Midas Tac 5x25 34mm with Rings (Mil APRS3) that I will throw in for $650 Supergrade Action 18" Match SS .920 Polished...
  7. The4GunGuy

    Ammo WTS - ELEY CLUB 12 boxes $140 Shipped

    I have 12 boxes of ELEY CLUB. 10 (1 brick) of the same lot number and 2 loose boxes of the same lot number. $140.00 Shipped to lower 48 states. Please use PayPal only and Friend and Family option with no comments. Will ship UPS with signature required. Thanks!
  8. The4GunGuy

    SOLD ELEY 22LR Mixed Ammo - WTS

    THESE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD I have a mixed batch of ELEY 22LR ammo to sell: (6) - ELEY Practice (Same Lot) (8) - ELEY Practice 100 (Same Lot) (6) - ELEY Match (Mixed Lot) Will sell all only for $260.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Accept PayPal only using Friends and Family with no comment in...
  9. The4GunGuy

    SOLD ELEY 22LR Match Ammo - 20 boxes

    THES ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD Selling 20 boxes (2 bricks, 1,000 rnds) of ELEY Match 22LR. One Brick is a single Lot #. Other Brick has 8 boxes of same lot and 2 boxes from another lot. Selling both together for $385.00 SHIPPED to a legal ship-to state. I'm in Spring, TX, North of Houston and if...
  10. Kjp616

    SOLD *SOLD* Eley Team: 1 brick *SOLD*

    I have one full brick of Eley Team. Before anyone decides to reply with a comment about the price I'm selling it for what Midway lists it for (plus shipping) IF they, or anyone for that matter, had it. *SOLD* Shipped to the lower 48 PayPal FF or Venmo
  11. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Tikka T1x Barreled Action in Oryx Chassis

    I have a Tikka T1x mounted in an Oryx chassis available...Just moved to a Vudoo so the Tikka is my backup. You can see it on my channel at: AND with the Oryx Chassis installed at: This rifle is an awesome buy for beginning in 22 LR competition. I have $1,233.00 in the rifle and chassis...
  12. chickon1

    Firearms Bergara BXR 22 with Steel Barrel NEW

    Asking $500 Shipping at Cost to FFL Selling my Bergara 22.. never shot one round. I did take it out of the box and no longer have the box. 4140 CrMo fluted steel barrel 34.5"" Overall length (includes three 3/8"" removable spacers to adjust length of pull) 16.5"" Barrel, muzzle threaded...
  13. G

    Rimfire WTB - RimX prefit Barrel

    Looking for something in stock new, or used/taken care of.
  14. N

    Need help putting together 22LR AR15

    So I've been building my hunting and precision ARs for a long time, but have never messed around with rimfire outside of a 10/22. I want to put together a high end 22LR AR trainer/varminter for use with a sparrow suppressor, with the priority being precision. I really don't know enough to even...
  15. Hail

    Rimfire FS CZ 455, 22” Bartlein, stock 24” threaded

    Up for grabs is a CZ 455 22lr barreled action with a 22” Bartlein barrel. Included is the 22lr 24” factory barrel with threaded muzzle. Area 419 30 moa rail. 4 10 round mags and original 5 round mag.Yo Dave trigger kit. I have the extra springs and pins also. I’m also throwing in the Boyds...
  16. S

    Optics Sightron SIIISS1050X60FTIRMH (Does not have Zero Stop)

    I have a gently used Sightron SIII 10x 50 series, it does have light wear , mostly by the turrents from finger use, never dropped. one light scratch mark on rear element, front is perfect. Illuminated MIL Dot with Hash Reticle This is SFP I can send more pictures if requested, Burris Rings...
  17. unoigo

    SOLD Eley Tenex 40g 22lr 500rd Brick

    *SOLD* I have an opened brick of Eley Tenex lot 1019-04210. My Tikka loved it but the Vudoo prefers CenterX. $165 shipped PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks
  18. NashtyGrunt

    Rimfire Sold* Proof Rimx prefit

    18" proof competition contour steel prefit for Zermatt Rimx. Used in good shape. $400 tyd obo.
  19. Cjwise5

    Tested Eley Tenex vs. Practice

    Video up, if you folks are interested. Thanks for watching.
  20. A

    Rimfire *SPF* CMMG Resolute 100 Mk4 22lr upper with mags and mag adapter

    Almost new, roughly 100 rounds fired through it. A few minor marks due to mounting a scope on it. $530 for upper only. I'm selling it as I wasn't really happy with the accuracy. I had the factory do an accuracy test with it and they got a 1.5" group at 50 yards with standard velocity (target...