1. JC Steel

    Range Report 308 vs. 243win

    I need some advice. I am trying to choose between a 308 and a 243. Whatever one I choose I would shoot a good match bullet(SMK or Berger VLD probably). My goal is to shoot from 100 yards to 1000 yards with precision. Which do you reccommend and please one or maybe two reasons why. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    CZ550 Action in .243win

    First real post on here guys so try and take it easy on me... Just wondering if any of you guys know if a CZ550 action can be inletted so say an Ai stock, or if anyone over in the States makes a decent 'tactical' stock for such an action. I bought the rifle used just to get the action, was...
  3. F

    Range Report .243win shooting lights bullets in fast twist???

    I have acquired a boat load of .244 varmint/hunting bullets in the 70-85gr. range and am wondering if anyone has first hand experience in shooting them in a .243win that is setup with a 7.5" or 8" twist. I know that a fast twist is not ideal for this weight and overstability will occur but to...
  4. NorCal Vu

    GAP 243win Loads

    Hey guys, For those of you with GAP built 243s..can you give me your ogive to lands measurements with a 115 DTAC? + What loads are you guys running? Thanks for the help, Vu
  5. NorCal Vu

    243win and Sierra 107s

    I know the 115s DTACs are the go to bullet for this caliber but how about the Sierra 107s out to about 600yards? Any pet loads? Thanks, Vu