1. VKC

    6.5s at 1140 yards

    Shot at a chest-sized steel target with our 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Rem rifles the other day with some friends with fair success. Thank you to "SigsauerP229" for taking the picture, who is also a great rifle shooter and somehow manages to frequently keep up or school with me with his 308win. The...
  2. bhoges

    She's back! Nesika 260Rem

    I sent her out for a faster twist a while ago and finally it her back today. I can't wait to test her out. Here's the specs: Nesika Model K repeater Shilen Select Match 1/8 26in Mcmillan prone stock 3 color swirl Jewel trigger HS bottom metal NF 8-32x56 w/NF rings Badger Level
  3. JL

    Gunsmithing 260Rem, reliable and accurate choice for AR-10?

    Cheers Have been playing around with an idea to update my Oberland Arms AR-10 SASS with some 6.5mm barrel. Likely it would be 260rem, barrel lenght around 22". Does special 260 reamers for AR10 even exist? Mean like 223 "wylde-style", accurate chambering without sacrificing reliability. What...